Monday, June 29, 2015

What Makes A Perfect Spa For Me

I am a spa freak. I love spa hopping here in San Fernando, Pampanga. I went from getting a massage every other week to doing it two times a week because of stress at work! But since I'm back to saving money again and I have realized that it's not THAT necessary as long as I know how to balance my time well and get to put "rest" back in my vocabulary, I reduced it to, again, every other week.

I am not going to say that I'm an expert of some sort but as a customer who has tried so many spas (even outside of San Fernando, Pampanga), I kind of know now what to expect, and what makes a spa "awesome"( for me).

The price. Admit it or not, the price is the first thing that most of us look at when we visit a spa (unless you're one of them filthy rich people who don't care about the price as long as they get an awesome service). It's one of the things I consider when going regular. I'm not saying I'm sticking with the cheapest spa in the neighborhood but is the price right for the kind of service I'm getting?

The Ambiance. It matters - the music, the scent, everything has to be relaxing! There's a spa I go to wherein the price is superbly cheap and the massage is great but the problem is, the staff were really loud. I want to relax, I want to be at peace, why can't they shut the F up?! Sorry. I rarely go to that spa. I visit it only when I need a second massage for the week because I'm stressed and it'll be too expensive to go back to my regular; but if I'd want to go there to relax... I doubt I'd even incorporate the word "relax" with it.

A friendly but considerate masseurs/masseuse. I will appreciate it if my masseurs/masseuse would be friendly and accommodating but there are some who just wouldn't stop talking to you and asking questions. Checking me once in awhile if the pressure is okay is fine but continuously conversing with me is where I draw the line. I went to a spa to relax and not to find a new friend. I would appreciate it if he or she would let me sleep and relax in peace. Just tap me lightly on the shoulder after the massage to ask me if I'd want tea or just water.

The little things that also matter (to me, at least). I always look for the one that offers a steam bath or sauna. I mean, it's one of the things that help me relax. There are some spas who offer it and some who don't but regardless if they're asking for extra charges, I would prefer the one that has it. There are also spas that do not have a shower room which is a big turn off for me. I'd like to be clean and all before I get a massage since I usually go straight to the spa after a whole day at the office; oh and I like giving tips and I think the most proper way is to leave a tip envelope with the customer and let them decide, in private, how much they're giving or if they're even giving at all.

Are you also a spa freak? What are the things that piss you off or you wish your favorite spa has? If you want to know which spas I go to in San Fernando, Pampanga just send me a message and I'd tell you why I go there and why I prefer those over the others. I don't want to advertise any spas in this post. LOL


  1. If there's one thing I need to do is this! Can't remember when I treated myself with this one. :D

  2. I very rarely go to spas cause I always think about the price... But I once in a while treat myself to a "spa at home" day hehe.. Btw, did you hear about a new philippine app that has most spas listed? It's like Zomato but for spa.. :D


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