Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Snoe Magic Beso Balm

I remember how I loved the first version of Snoe's Beso Balm. I loved how it plumps, soothes, protects, and freshens your breath upon application. My lips would have that subtle Kylie Jenner look after I've used it and did I already say I loved it?
When I  saw this newer version of the Snoe Beso Balm (wherein they now added the word: Magic ) it got me thinking, "now what kind of wonder does this one do?" Apparently, the Snoe Beso Balm could still become more magical than it already was.

"Love me. Kiss me. Eat me! Magic Beso Balm Color Changing Lip Treatment adjusts to your lip's unique pH to create a customized cool pink kiss! It will add volume to your kissable pout and the juicy twist of watermelon flavor will keep your smile delicious. The sweet treatment will make lips good enough to stare at and kiss, without the color transferring or rubbing off."
It's color changing and still makes your lips a bit more pouty. Now who wouldn't want to try that one out?
No product yet :)
And this is how it looks after application
After a few hours, this is how it will look. :)
And then after 8 hours of work, it's still on my lips! No retouch, plus I had breakfast and lunch. :P
The aesthetic feature of the lip balm is that of like the normal ones. It does have good print that will catch your attention and it's also small enough to slide in your pocket. Upon trying it out, I noticed that it still has that mentholated feel that I've always loved in my lip balms and it easily glides on my lips, still. I call this the lip balm for people who are on the go. Just one swipe and it will keep your lips moisturized and colored depending on your lip's unique pH. I love how it slowly changes into this flattering pink lip color which is a big help whenever I'm running late for work but would still want to have gorgeous and luscious lips.
True to its word, it doesn't transfer and lasts long on the lips. It was only removed when it was time for me to wash up and so I used a toothbrush to softly exfoliate my lips and that's when it only came off.
Not everyone loves mentholated lip balms like I do and you do need a different lip balm if you'd want a specific color on your lips since it already works as a lip balm/lip color.

Taking a selfie at work wearing the Snoe Magic Beso Balm :D
I would recommend this lip balm for women, like me, who are on the go. If you don't have that much spare time to spend on putting make up on, a quick swipe of the Snoe Magic Beso Balm on your lips would be enough. I'm giving this a rating of 9/10. I would buy one again soon as I run out. Perfect for the boyfriend and I's planned travels, especially the one in Davao this September... Excited! :D


  1. oh wow a lip balm that does not transfer?! I'm definitely trying that! Thanks for the review!

  2. I love multi-products like that one. It saves you time prepping in the morning! :) The color looks gorgeous on you. I wonder what color it would change to on my lips. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. Oh! I have never heard about this Lip balm! Is this available in any Watsons branch? :)
    I love the color btw!

    1. Hindi siya available sa Watsons eh. But they have kiosks in malls and usually inside department stores. :)

    2. Snoe Cosmetics are also available in Metro Gaisano Stores.. =)

  4. I saw a Snoe outlet at Shoppesville Greenhills on the 3rd floor. I just love this lip balm! Better than my Mac lippies.


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