Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gelleesh at Impact Hub Manila's Hublogathon

Another busy day at work. My usual routine once I get to the office would be: set-up my laptop on my desk, make coffee, sit down and check for new email messages... And then I saw an email from IMPACT HUB MANILA inviting me to join their HUBLOGATHON: Blogging For Impact on August 3 (a Monday), and I quickly replied: YES!

The problem was... Crap, it's a Monday and call time is 9:00 AM. Cab fare would kill me (and taking a cab is highly unlikely because no cab would ever go to my place in Valenzuela), the MRT crowd would crush me, and riding the bus can be a total hell because of the traffic. Getting there was a challenge, itself. Good thing I found out that there's this cab terminal near my place which will take in 4 passengers for 80 bucks each and drop us off somewhere in Ayala; and so I did that. I got off at Pasong Tamo and took a jeep going to Mantrade (passing by Chino Roces) and asked the driver to drop me off at Green Sun. I arrived at the venue a few minutes before 9:00 AM. I was ON TIME and the earliest of all the bloggers (yey!). I hate being late.

Wait, first... Let's talk about WHAT IS IMPACT HUB MANILA?

"Impact Hub Manila provides a space where entrepreneurs and all kinds of innovators can come together to prototype new models for a world that works for all - connecting all sectors, industries, and cultural backgrounds.They access to inspiring work spaces, a vibrant learning community, startup incubation programs, corporate innovation workshops and entrepreneurial leadership trainings."

After learning about what they do, I was like, "that is a pretty cool idea!" I mean, as a struggling entrepreneur, I don't have an office yet plus working at home can drag me to procrastinating A LOT. Aside from that, I'd get to network with like-minded individuals who are also passionate about what they do and determined to do something great. Isn't that an amazing environment to work at?

So, now, back to the event:

The first speaker was Jen Horn and she told us the story about how Muni started. I remember having already met her during the Bloggers United Pop-up Bazaar last 2011 where she was manning the booth for Punchdrunk Panda and I also had my own selling makeup products. That bazaar was for the benefit of the typhoon Sendong victims. Through her talk, I learned more about Muni and the events and meet-ups they do that promotes mindful living. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to attend their Muni Meetup: Creativity and Collaboration event on August 15, 2015 but I suddenly have an event for work and the problem is I've already paid for the ticket. Boohoo! :( So if any of you would want to go there, just email me so I can just transfer to you the ticket I bought. I only have one available so whoever emails me first would get it!

With Proximity President, Philippe Gaeng
Kelsey (thepinupgirlmanila.com) with Philippe again :D
A photo posted by Bryan Benitez McClelland (@bambryan) on

The other speakers introduced their advocacies and how they've incorporated it in their enterprises. There was KKK Coffee, Proximity, Bambike, Hope in a Bottle, Joomla, and many others. We were then grouped in pairs and was assigned to interview and write about one of the social entrepreneurs and about their enterprise and advocacy. We were assigned with Proximity. They are a microfinance institution (pretty much like one of the organizations I work for - KMBI) tapping jeepney and tricycle drivers and giving them the opportunity to own their own jeepneys and tricycles. Philippe Gaeng, the president of Proximity, even invited us to ride with one of their beneficiaries and write about their life story. I will soon be doing that so stay tuned! :D

Grabbed from Facebook.com/impacthubmanila
Aside from the event proper itself, it was also a great opportunity to network and bond with fellow bloggers, and some of the social entrepreneurs. We actually went out after the event for dinner and a few drinks!

It was a great opportunity for me, as a struggling social entrepreneur, and a fulltime Marketing and Communications Officer for a non-profit organization to learn more about creating an impact, starting a social enterprise, and meeting new people which I can partner with for future project with our organization.

Thanks to Impact Hub Manila for inviting me. I'm so definitely going back soon as I get a free slot from my schedule because I'd definitely want an inspiring space to work at while I'm fixing Gelleeshop.


IMPACT HUB MANILA is located at: 5F Green Sun, 2285 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, 1231 Makati City, Philippines. You can also get in touch with them through email at: welcome@impacthub.ph and visit their website at ImpactHub.Ph.


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