Monday, September 14, 2015

Travel Diary: Davao City (Day One)

This trip has been planned for months. Well, planned in a sense that we already booked the flight but only decided to look for a hotel to stay at a few days before our flight and even left Manila without a solid itinerary. It's an adventure for me and my partner as we discover the city of Davao in our own ways without relying on any tour guides. We just asked around, chatted with some friends, and decided from there.

Our flight was scheduled very early in the morning so I needed to wake up at around 3:00 AM and then dad drove us (my partner and I) to the airport. Thanks, daddy! Everything was fine and dandy at the airport. Flight was on time and I was so glad that my partner decided to pre-order our meals when he booked the flight that way we got to save some money since if you buy Air Asia's rice meals on board, it'll be 50 bucks more expensive. The food was okay so no complaints... Oh, wait, there is one. It looks bigger on the photo, apparently.

Arriving in Davao City and Checking In

We arrived at Davao City on time and was able to get a cab real quick. It wasn't my first time in Davao City so it's not really a big deal but comparing arrival in the Manila Domestic Airport to arrival in Davao City... I'd rather arrive in Davao everyday!

I was told, by my friends from Davao, that cab drivers there are really polite and they give exact change. They also, strictly, maintain a specific speed limit and traffic in Davao City was such a breath of fresh air. I often use Waze and in Davao, never have I reported that the traffic was ever heavy.

We booked a reservation at Red Planet Hotel Davao (which used to be Tunes Hotel) but unfortunately, the check-in time is at 2:00 PM. However, if there is a vacant room already, they'd be glad to let us check-in but there were none so we were asked to just leave our bags (if we'd want to) and go around the city and then come back at 12 NN, when there would be a sure check-out from one of their guests.

And so we did.

Davao Crocodile Park

Although it wasn't my first time in Davao, admittedly, the only place I was able to visit was the Crocodile Park before. It was because my previous visit was work-related that even at the Crocodile Park, I was only able to have Crocodile burger and Civet Coffee then I needed to go back to our hotel to work. BORING! So the first place I suggested to visit was the Crocodile Farm. This time, we'll definitely go around.

So, when you purchase a ticket going inside the Crocodile Park, they'd give you three passes - for the Crocodile Park, the Butterfly House, and the Tribu K' Mindanawan .
I think we came in too early.

There weren't much people inside (which can be both a good thing and a bad thing - good because you can go around without much nuisance and bad because I LOVE PEOPLE WATCHING!) and the supposed shows don't start until in the afternoon.  It was more of just seeing some animals (crocodiles, eagles, peacocks, orangutan, turtles, etc.) and we even spotted a newly pooped civet cat and we saw beans (as far as we're concerned) in his poop and then we both said... YUM! Well, we're both coffee lovers and we've both had civet coffee. Can't blame us!

After going around the Crocodile Park, we tried going to the Tribu K' Mindanawan (which is just across the park) but the performance doesn't start until late afternoon. UGH.

And so we just walked going to the Butterfly House. I wasn't too excited though because I've already been in a Butterfly Garden in Palawan and to tell you quite frankly, the one in Palawan is way nicer; although I appreciated the fact that there aren't much people and we were able to just walk, talk , and chill around.

Lunch at "Boiling Crabs and Shrimps"

After going around the compound of the Crocodile Park, we decided to have lunch (FINALLY!). We took  cab and asked the driver for any recommendations which will just be near our hotel. He immediately exclaimed, "Sa Boiling, ma'am!" I asked him what kind of food they serve and when he said seafood I got a bit hesitant. My partner is allergic to seafood! GAH! But he said, "it's okay love. I brought meds." I was still quite unsure but after convincing me he'd be okay and that he will eat in moderation, I finally said yes. Crabs... Who says no to crabs?!

Upon arriving at Boiling, we were greeted with so much vandals on the wall which is really  how they meant the place to be. Just be yourself and write anywhere and whatever you'd like. But since we're after the food (and there seems to be no space left to vandal), we decided to just appreciate them and go ahead into ordering food.

We ordered their Kinilaw na Tuna and Crab with Garlic. The seafood were still fresh! The tuna was still pinkish and the crab... Oh, you don't call it crab. It's  FRIGGIN' CRAB! The drinks were bottomless (he had the pink lemonade, while I had the cucumber lemonade) and we even had a second round for the rice. The supposed "good for two" crab serving seems to be good for three even but we're not complaining. It was actually my partner's first time (because of the allergy) to try a crab and he was very satisfied.

After lunch (which is already around 3:00 PM), we walked straight back to the hotel to check-in, rest, and sleep. Since he took antihistamine for his allergy, he already felt sleepy plus he had been working overnight before our flight so it was just fine that we get some rest.

Adventure continues on day two. Watch out for it!


  1. Will stay tuned for your upcoming travel diaries,! :) Davao is one my dream destinations.

  2. I super love the food pag nag ttravel ako sa Philippines. Seafood like crabs and lobsters all come at friendly prices sa palengke sa probinsya. Sa Manila, parang holdup!

    1. True! Our bill was only 1K plus and super big na ng crab plus may fresh tuna pa, unlimited drinks and rice! :D


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