Friday, February 05, 2016

Travel Diary: Baguio City (Day One- Evening)

“So where do I go tonight?” I asked myself.

I’ve been to Baguio like three or four times already prior to this trip but I’ve never really had the chance to explore what its night life has got to offer. And so I received a message from a friend that he is going to drop by at my hostel because, yeah, I have friends who are from Baguio and I forgot to inform them that I’m coming. Teehee!

So my friend dropped by to say hi but he cannot be my party buddy for the evening since he needed to go back to Manila that day; but he did tell me about BAGUIO CRAFT BREWERY. He told me they’d let me taste which would feet my palate well and then I can base my order from there. And so after a few more chit chat, he bid me goodbye and I thanked him for the advice.


I checked the map if I can just walk going there and turns out I can’t. It’s too friggin’ far from where I was. Baguio Craft Brewery is located Marcos Highway just near a Puregold. That was my landmark. The tasting room is at the 2nd floor of the building and I think there was a live band up on the third but since I’m not really fond of loud music, I opted to just stay at the tasting room so that I can try out their beers too.

Miss, do you already have an order,” one of the staff there asked.

None yet. It’s actually my first time here so I still can’t figure out what I’d want to try,” I replied.

And so she told me about the IBU and stuff and then she asked me what kind of beer would I be more inclined to try – something on the bitter side or a bit sweeter. I never liked my beers sweet so I told her, “something that has an average bitterness but not sweet.” And so she gave me a shot of the Englishman in New York and I immediately said, “This is my beer! Give me a glass please.” She smiled and punched my order. “And while you’re at it, can you please add on fish and chips. I haven’t had dinner actually.” She smiled and added my order.

So I just sat there to people watch, try out more beer, and just contemplate on things. I actually find it cool that I’m seated at the bar area. Yep, it’s my first time to sit at the bar area so stop judging me. It’s actually also the coolest place to be because you can order a shot of the beer you’d want to try.


My beer’s almost done. I think I need to go get myself a cheaper beer next. I can’t afford to spoil my palate and have it get used to this kind of beer. And so I went to Session Road next (where I heard a lot of bars are at) and went inside this bar (I forgot the name if it does have a name) and ordered just a few more bottles of San Mig Light while listening to the live acoustic band. After finishing two or three bottles, I think, I went out and just walked around. What else to do?

Oh, there is the night market near Burnham Park. I can go there.

I initially didn’t want to go shopping but YOLO. I just wanted to see the night market for myself and as expected, it’s packed with both local and tourists wanting to get good deals for ukay clothes and souvenir items. I told myself that I am not buying anything but would just look around but I bought a beanie and a coin purse for my aunt (who keeps bugging me about it). Hay.

Anyway, to end the night, I decided to go to the Ramen place along Leonard Wood Road - Yamashita Japanese Noodle House. They were about to close and I arrived just in the nick of time. I ordered their easiest and fastest to prepare Ramen and… Yep! Rushed Ramen is never awesome. It was okay, I guess. It basically tasted just like normal hot noodles which you would most likely want to have when you’ve already had a few drinks. If you really want hot noodles or ramen-ish kind of noodles, you can check this place out but I wouldn’t recommend it to the foodies out there.

After finishing my hot bowl, I opted to just walk going back to my inn since it's actually just walking distance. How convenient eh?

Oh my, I’m loving Baguio. What adventure would I get myself into on my last day? Next post, you’ll see! ;)


  1. I haven't been to Baguio in years! I should take note of these places should I go back there. :)

  2. I miss baguio!! its been 3 years since my last visit! I remembered when the blog friends and I went to that market! Saya! haha! Thanks for giving me another glimpse of it! Oh btw, congrats on the engagement!!!

  3. I've been to Baguio several times already and everytime I go, I always have something new to explore! Parang di ako nauubusan ng pupuntahan haha tapos eto nanaman, nakita ko yang brewery, di ko pa napupuntahan yan, haha pero kakain lang ako jan, hindi iinom haha

    I've been to the night market! Sobrang haba nya, ang hirap mamili. Haha but I was able to get few longsleeves na mura! And also, foodtrip kami sa mga barbecue! Nakakamiss!

    I'm excited on your next adventure. Go to 50's Diner! That's one of the reasons why I keep on coming back to Baguio. Hahaha

    1. I'll try the 50s Diner next time and I'm so going back to the brewery again! :D


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