Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Travel Diary: Baguio City (Day Two)

Good morning, Baguio City!

I woke up later than the time I planned to because I just can’t be too inconsiderate by setting up an alarm and waking up the other people resting at the inn (since I requested to get just a bed from the common bedroom). So when I saw the time, I hurried up, fixed my bed, fixed my hair, wore the beanie I the night before, brushed my teeth, and headed out.

Breakfast at Tsokolateria         

Okay, wait. I’m feeling a bit hungry. What do I do? I don’t know if I’d have the luxury of time to wander around and check out a good place to have breakfast and then it suddenly dawned on me… There’s this breakfast place beside my inn maybe I could try that out! And when I went out, it was already opened and I decided to just have breakfast there. That was one of the best decisions I made that day. I ordered the Bacon Lechon Kawali Cebu Style with Cacao Nibs. “Tanglad marinated, Bacon cut cripsy liempo, cooked in peppercorns, bay leaf and cacao nibs,” a good way to start my day, yes?

If you’re wondering where exactly Tsokolateria is, it’s at the Igorot Stairs in Upper Session Road. And yep, it’s just beside Upstairs Bed and Bath and Pamana.

Buying Pasalubong at Baguio Market

After eating, I was in a bit of a hurry since I know going to the market is best done in the morning and I’m already running late; although with the kind of walking I did the day before, walking there would have been a piece of cake. When I got in the cab, I asked the driver, “Kuya, where can I get coffee there?” So the driver told me that he’ll drop me off where I can get to the coffee place fast and told me to follow the scent… The coffee scent. He is so cool.

Upon getting to the market I did exactly what the cab driver said and it didn’t smell like coffee from where he dropped me off. So I went around and stumbled upon the pasalubong area. I was able to buy the calamansi juice a colleague was asking me to buy so I didn’t need to go to Mine’s View Park anymore and then asked the vendor where I can get my coffee beans. The vendor told me it’s past where the vegetables and rice vendors are and so I followed his instructions. But then I saw the strawberry vendors. I had to stop and I bought half a kilo. It was barely a hundred bucks. Good deal! And then I moved on.

When I got to where the coffee bean stores are, I only had two options and a friend of mine suggested the Kape Umali. One of the only two stores selling coffee beans had Kape Umali so I chose that one and opted for the Arabica. I might go buy the Civet next time because I didn’t bring enough cash that time. I decided to travel on a budget and left my cash and card at home. So I bought two kilos of whole beans (I want my coffee freshly brewed and ground at home) and went back to my inn.

Part Two: Lunch at Tsokolateria

 There are still some dishes I’d want to try from Tsokolateria. So I just rested for a bit, packed my stuff (since my bus leaves at 4:00 PM), and then waited for my phone to be fully charged while I chat with some friends and cuddle with my blanket since it’s still super cold. Brrrr…

At around 1:00 PM, I decided to get up and go back to Tsokolateria. I need to be stuffed since my way back home will be about 6 hours. This time I ordered their Malunggay Pesto Crème and Tsoko Garlic and it also with a salad that has chocolate as its dressing. I would have to admit that I didn’t like the salad and it’s not because it doesn’t good but just because I don’t like chocolates. But paired with a vinaigrette, I bet my palate would love it. But hey, the Malunggay Pesto was superb. It was supposed to be for one person but it felt like it was good for two. I actually had left-overs which I took back home in Pampanga for my midnight snacks.

Going Back Home

Hassle free if you ask me. It’s because upon arriving to Baguio and before I left the bus station (on my first day), I went upstairs to their ticket booth and already bought myself tickets back to San Fernando, Pampanga for the next day. That’s what I will also suggest because when I arrived at the bus terminal (on my second and last day), there are so many chance passengers and a lot of them may have been able to get into the bus I was in but they were already standing. Imagine a 6 hour bus ride standing? As much as adventures are my thing, I wouldn’t want that kind of inconvenience.

I got home safe and sound, not much trouble except for the little kid who puked inside the bus (good thing she wasn’t near me). But yeah, all in all, my trip was awesome and I’m definitely going back to Baguio soon. I need coffee and beer.

I’ll see you again soon, Baguio!


  1. omg! i want to go to Baguio :( This post is an inspiration. Great post.



  2. We also do that, pagdating ng Baguio, bibili agad ng ticket pauwi. I learned that from my papa who goes to Baguio every month. Haha

    I haven't tried Tsokolateria, I'm not into coffee, but their meals look good! :)

    1. They're fairly new. You should try them out on your next visit to Baguio! :)

  3. This post makes me miss baguio so much!! its been 4 years!! How i wish I could go back :) Hoping next time I could try that breakfast of yours! Oh and Tsokolateria looks really nice!

    1. Big serving and reasonable prices! You'd love it there!:D


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