Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Overnight Stay at BGC Hostel & Dorm Makati

I kind of hate going to Makati.

I’m a 100% northerner and unless I really NEED (yes, emphasis on the need) to be there, I will never dare go down south. For us, northerners, Makati is already considered south and meeting in between is Mandaluyong, ah. So when BGC Hostel & Dorm invited me to try out an overnight stay with them, I was willing because (1) I can go out and visit Makati without worrying about the long trip back up north and (2) it’s about time I meet up with my some friends from around the area.

On My Way to the Hostel

My Uber got lost; but fret not, because when I arrived at the place, it wasn’t actually difficult to find. It was all just because of where Waze was leading us. The hostel is actually just a few steps from EDSA so when I needed to go to a convenience store, a 7/11 was just walking distance away. It’s kind of near Buendia, specifically in Danlig Street (North bound).

Settling Down and Checking Out the Place

So they gave me the solo room but there is a cheaper option if you’d be fine with the dorm type. There’s free internet (had a pretty decent connection because I was able to watch some videos in Youtube without buffering), there’s a pantry, there’s a computer you can use, and the ambiance of the place is just so… Millennial-ish. There is no TV inside the room but the common area is pretty cool and comfy so you won’t really mind staying there instead. Unless, of course, you do not want to watch the channel everyone else is watching.

The comfort room/ bathroom is public so it’s not something I would prefer but I’m cool with it. I remember that I had the same experience with the hostel I checked in at in Baguio City so it’s not really a big deal.

The place being a hostel/dorm means that there would be people already staying there for weeks or even months which makes it cool because it actually felt like they’re already a family. The folks staying there were also very welcoming so you won’t really feel out of place.

Night Out                                            
So I was able to set a hangout with a friend of mine who lives in Makati. We haven’t seen each other in years so I was pretty excited. My Uber didn’t get lost this time around and if the traffic just wasn’t bad in EDSA, my Uber fare would have been just less than 100 PHP, I think. But you know how EDSA is already, right? But thank God, going back to the place was better since I went back kind of late. If only BGC Hostel & Dorm already existed 3-4 years ago (when I was going out a lot), I would have frequented this place.


Millennials would love this place. It’s very Instagram-worthy and close to EDSA. It’s easy to commute and UBER/GRAB your way around. If you’re looking for the ultimate city staycation treat, this might not be for the place for you since, again, it’s kind of like a dorm; but if you want something affordable, accessible, and convenient, this is your hostel!

You may check them out online at: for more information.


  1. Nice pictures!! :)

  2. Aw what a cute little place! I love that hostels are becoming more nice, or at least there are those boutique and luxury hostels now. It's also nice that a lot of places offer you a single room all to yourself. When I was booking my stay in Copenhagen though, I actually found a hotel for cheaper than a hostel! I was in shock. So I kind of think the 'hip' hostels are getting out of hand haha. But it's definitely a great option. Sounds like you had a pretty good experience here!


    1. What Id want to try next are the capsule hotels something. Have you seen those already? :)

  3. That looks like a lovely place! And gosh, the rise of places aka cafes, hotels that are Instagram worthy. It's like the biggest thing out there!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Yay! Super cute naman and so colorful! :) See you soon!

  5. It looks beautiful! What a lovely place!! I want to stay there now ahah!

    Darriyan xo

  6. It remind me a lot of the place where I stayed when visited Manila in October :)
    Thank you a lot for your last comment on my blog and have a wonderful weeke ahead! :)
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara

    conscious lifestyle of mine

  7. cute rooms!
    kisses from dubai ❤️

  8. It's really cute! I love the colorful doors and murals. Very uplifting.

  9. Looks like a fun place!



  10. What fun-looking decor at that hostel. I love your photos - you're right about it being Instagram-friendly. Thanks for sharing, Gellie!
    xo, janea

  11. This place actually looks pretty cool! Great photos :)

  12. I think hostels/dorm-type fit most with travellers who are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality! :) Plus, it's in the metro so it's a good location :)

    1. I love staying at hostels when I'm traveling alone. That's what I did with my Baguio trip :)

  13. Lovely place! I love different colors of doors!


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