Friday, February 24, 2017

REVIEW: Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Mudpack

There have been quite a few businesses I’ve started which didn’t last. It’s not because there was no market for it or such but it’s mostly because I was doing it all on my own while having a full-time job, managing a blog, and doing some freelance stuff on the side. Oh the things we, millennials, do to reach our dreams eh?

But despite of the failures I’ve come across with, I was never one to give up. One day I blurted out the idea about starting my own skin care brand to some friends and asked them, “Do you want to start a business with me?” And that’s how Ella Naturals started.

Because we have all worked for a microenterprise development organization, aside from earning from the beauty products we would sell, we realized that we also want to do something to help out. We started planning about making the products cheaper without sacrificing the quality and even creating a re-seller’s package so that we can provide other people with an additional source of income.

The first product we’ve come up with is the Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Mudpack. This activated charcoal-based product is a deep cleansing and detoxifying facial mudpack with Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil. It absorbs impurities from pores, helps remove blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, fine lines, shrinks visible pores, and lightens skin tone.

The Good Bits:

I swear by this product. I’ve been using and testing this for a year before finally deciding on offering this to the public. It helped once when I had a breakout (I know I shouldn’t use other products when having a breakout but this surprisingly saved me) and I’ve been using it religiously once to two times a week. I really do not have any problem with my skin so I only do it two times when there would be consecutive days that I’ve slept with my makeup on (it happens especially when you’re super tired and stressed from work).

I prefer this over the peel-off masks coming out because this one doesn’t hurt but also does the job. Not as immediate, but there’s absolutely zero pain when using this product. I also love the minty feel and scent when using this. It’s also one of the things most of our first-time customers noticed after using the product.

The Bad Bits:

The only thing I do not like about this product is that it can be very messy to use. I can be a lazy ass sometimes but since skincare is something I’m very particular of, I can’t go lazy from now on. It left a mess on my sink before so I just use it before I take a shower so that I can wash it off in one go. Pretty smart, eh?


One of my recent selfies. Been using Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Mudpack for a year now.

I do love this product but I won’t be giving a rating for it. That would be pretty unfair, right? But if you want to try it out, it’s only P250.00.

I have a surprise for you all though… Until March 31, we will have a special discount. All you need to do is send me a private message on my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram asking for the Ella Discount code, and I will give you a special discount code you can use when purchasing your own Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Mudpack.

Where to buy your own Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Mudpack?

Shoppee | Facebook | Instagram | or email them at: and ask if there is a reseller in your area. Also, we would like to know your thoughts about our mudpack. So don’t forget to take your mudpack selfie and use the hashtags: #ellanaturals and #ellablackisback to be featured in our social media pages.


  1. I have to try this! Looks amazing.

    X Merel

  2. Looks great!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. Congratulations on launching a product.

  4. This looks amazing and congrats on launching your business (and successfully juggling it with everything else) :)


  5. I heard about this kind of mask! It looks super nice! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, that's awesome, girl, congrats on this business venture! You will do wonderful because you have a great face for the company, literally...your skin has always looked so flawless and it makes selling your skin care that much easier when your customers can literally see the benefits. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far, gorgeous girlie!



  7. OMG! I had to make it all the way to end to be like is this REALLY HER PRODUCT that she MADE?? Wow! I am so proud of you, and this is seriously awesome. I would totally give this a go as you've always supported me. Do you ship internationally? Isn't it funny how we do all these little ventures? Ahhhh millennials haha. I've toyed with the fact of doing more, but I have no idea how I'd ever keep up with my blogging and work a full time job. I've just started my trip planning services though, so hopefully they pan out! :)

    1. Good luck on your trip planning venture, Emily and thanks for wanting to try out our product. I'd still have to look into the details about shipping internationally. My concern is that the shipping might be more expensive than the product itself since the product is barely $5 itself. But I will update you and message you once we get a proper shipping fee costing internationally. ;)

  8. Wow! Congratulations on the launch of your new business, Gellie! ♥ Good luck! At first, everything may seem so hard pero tiyagaan lang talaga. Kahit ako until now medyo nag struggle pa din, but nakaka-survive pa din naman. Wishing you the best on your business! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  9. Wow! This looks so effective! I love it! Plus it has my favorite ingredient, tea tree oil!

    Sincerely Miss J
    (check out my giveaway!)

  10. Oh wow, congratulations on launching your own skincare line! I wish you all the best and lots of success!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. This is super awesome! Glad you started your business, because you are perfect for skincare AND makeup! I always admire both on you. You have great skin and wear makeup well. Lovely product! I've always steered clear of charcoal because of a bad experience. Good to hear this does not burn.

    1. Thank you Kim! Hope you can give charcoal another chance! ;)


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