Wednesday, August 16, 2017

REVIEW: Ella Naturals Black is Back Active Charcoal Soap

When I started out Ella Naturals with some of my equally-driven and good friends, I made sure that whatever product we will be coming up with, should also be something I’d really love using. I mean how can I possibly market a product I hate, right?

If you would remember our first product, the Ella NaturalsBlack is Back Active Charcoal Mudpack, it took me a year of trying out the product first before we finally decided to offer it to the public. I also use it regularly and even though it’s our business and our product, I make sure I pay for every single product I use. Seriously! That is how you run a business. I don’t get free stuff. I pay for the stuff I buy too!

In the case of the Ella Naturals Black is Back Active Charcoal Soap, I’m already on my second bar and I’m genuinely loving it.

The Ella Naturals Black is Back Activated Charcoal Soap helps fight body odor, kills bacteria, and works like a natural deodorant. It also absorbs deep into pores to draw out dirt and oil helping eliminate acne, blackheads, and bumps. It is great for the face and the body.

The Good Bits:

I love how it’s both good for the body and for the face. So, in a way, I am kind of saving with the number of bath products I use. Yep, I also use this to wash off the excess makeup my makeup remover would fail to remove and then scrub it on my mesh bath sponge going all over my body. It’s now part of my daily beauty regimen which helps me prevent those nasty pimples from popping out no matter how my hormones are acting up, how stressed I am, or even if I sleep with my makeup on (which no matter how much I tell you I won’t do anymore, still happens because I get back home too tired).

My 16-year old sister who’s been having acne problems use this soap regularly by leaving it on her face for about a minute or two and then rinsing it off afterwards. It helped with getting rid of her pimples and also keeping them off of her face.

The Bad Bits:

It’s kind of messy to use (black stains are left on my mesh bath sponge, yikes!). And it doesn’t last as long as commercialized soaps because, just like how most natural soaps are like, this is fatted with oil and doesn’t contain as much chemicals as how commercialized soaps are. So… Hmm… It’s a con for your budget but a pro for your skin. Fair enough?


Clear no-makeup skin. Regularly using Ella Naturals products :)

And it's easier to put makeup on when you have less to cover :D
I personally wouldn’t mind paying a little more to keep my skin healthy and in tiptop shape rather than feeding it with too much chemicals. I mean I’m already experimenting on makeup and all that, why not switch to a more healthy option for my skin? Let me give my own non-bias rating for this – 8/10. It does well on your skin but it has its own inconveniences.


Visit Ella Naturals on the web at - and @ellanaturals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. I agree, you shouldn't just sell out for the purpose of earning, but also because you personally love the product. And based on what I'm seeing, you really love it and even honest about the bad side. Also it is amazing you could use both on body and face!

  2. So awesome, your skin looks radiant! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Great blog!


  3. I have heard a lot about these soaps. Great review! You look amazing!

  4. Same thing with my apparel business, I see to it na yung ibebenta ko is bet ko din talaga. Hindi yung basts basta lang :) Anyway, I'm currently into organic products so I'm pretty sure magugustuhan ko to ❤️ Keep it up!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  5. Your skin looks great! I need to try this!!

    Darriyan xx


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