Monday, February 11, 2019

Natural Ways to Remove Pimples and Black Spots

Pimples and black spots are a teenagers’ worst nightmare. Unfortunately, pimples (acne) and black spots are part and parcel of puberty hence we all have to go through them. For a few unlucky ones. Instead of the pimples and black spots disappearing soon after puberty, they unashamedly remain tainting one’s beauty. If you find yourself in such a situation, worry no more as we are going to share with you the top natural ways to remove pimples and black spots. Note that you may need some few bucks to buy the ‘medicinal tools’ listed below, if you are low on funds right now, you can signup here and play some profitable games.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the most effective and affordable ‘medicinal tools’ you can use to remove pimples and black spots. There are two ways in which you can use lemon to remove pimples and black spots. The first method entails mixing lemon juice with purified water. Look for a bowl to put in your mixture and look for cotton wool. Dip the cotton wool in the mixture and apply it to your face evenly. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes and remove with cold not use soap. You can repeat the procedure for a week or two. If you do not have sensitive skin, for more effective results you can just apply lemon juice which has not been diluted with water. The second method entails mixing lemon juice and yoghurt. Lemon juice has cleansing powers (hence why it’s used in removing black spots). As such, when you mix it with yoghurt, you will not just cleanse the face but will also brighten your skin as yoghurt lightens your skin.


A potato is another ‘medicinal tool’ that you can use to remove pimples and black spots. A potato is rich in starch and sugar and these two nutrients do have exfoliating magic to remove dead skin cells. In addition, a potato also has phosphorous, zinc, and potassium, nutrients that help in rejuvenating the collagen production in your skin. There are two ways to use a potato in removing pimples and black spots. First, you can cut the potato into slices. Apply water to the potato slices to make them wet and then place the slices on the black spots. Leave the potatoes in place for 10 minutes. After a week you will start to see changes. You can continue doing so till all the black spots disappear. Secondly, you can combine the potato and lemon juice. To do this, you will need to boil the water first and place the potato slices for some minutes. Afterwards, remove the potato slices and add lemon juice to the hot water. Let the water cool down 9you can put it in the refrigerator). Once it cools down, take a wool piece and dip it into the water. Afterwards, apply to the black spots. Continue doing so till you notice a change.

Aloe Vera

If you are a fan of natural remedies for almost anything you probably have come across this golden piece of vegetation called aloe vera. Aloe vera can be used to remove pimples and black spots. To do this, look for a quarter cup of aloe vera gel, a tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix them and apply the mixture evenly on the black spots. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then remove. Continue for a week or two and you will see the results.

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