Monday, February 18, 2019

OOTD: Sunny Sundates

To being together,
To making things better.
To being with each other,
Whatever the weather.

Weekends are something I look forward to and not because I won’t go to work (because honestly, I love my work), but because I’d get to see E again. As most of you know, we live in Pampanga (I work here too), but he works in Mandaluyong so we only get to see each other on weekends.

A lot of people would look at our Facebook profiles and say that we look like the perfect modern-day couple, but the truth is we’re far from being one. There were times when we won’t get along because we’re still two different individuals, but what matters more is how we know that it’s all part of a relationship. And as much as falling in love is easy, relationships aren’t. They’re not supposed to be. Nothing in life that’s good is supposed to come easy.

How do we deal with things? Well, we both had to make a bit of adjustments in ourselves. We can’t just say, “this is me so deal with it.” Because if that’s how you view things, you aren’t ready to be in a relationship yet. However, it also doesn’t mean you should expect your partner to fully change. Adjusting is different from changing. For example, as I’m typing this, E is making me a sandwich even though he was already about to sleep. I have my period and I’m feeling so irritated and extra hungry. I said I’ll be making a sandwich, but what he did was he got up, asked me to relax, and went on to make me a sandwich. He wasn’t used to doing this. He wasn’t cheesy at all when I first met him. We were both very practical, straight-forward, and honest about our expectations. But somehow, he became softer and more caring. He goes out of his way just to give me what I need and what I want. He became more sensitive to what I’m feeling, more forgiving when I do something clumsy, and more patient with my mood swings whenever I’d be stressed. He didn’t change, he just adjusted. And yes, I’ve adjusted to, but I don’t need to talk about that. I’d rather appreciate him more.

Another thing he had to adjust to was learning how to take good photos of me for my blog and Instagram. And now you see the product of his training here! Hahaha!

TOP: H&M | SKIRT: H&M  | SHOES: Skechers | BAG: Penshoppe
These were taken on one of our Sundates. Yes, we still regularly go out on dates and we love trying out new food in Pampanga. Every date is an adventure with him and I love how he tries to make every moment we spend a memorable one. Sure there are not-so-good times when we had to argue about something, but somehow, someone would stand up and be the bigger person just so we can settle things. And the best part of it is that it’s not just one person. There had already been a balance in our relationship and it’s because we wanted it and decided on it. It’s not just an act of love, but also an act of maturity that we’ve developed together.

Here’s to more Sundates, love!


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