Wednesday, June 26, 2019

OOTD: 8 Years & Counting

A lot has happened, not just in my blogging life, but also in my personal life. Blogging sure did change a lot of things for more and I learned a lot from doing it and from the people in the community. There have been ups and downs, but look at me still blogging after 8 crazy years.

My blog started from being solely a beauty blog, to a fashion and beauty blog, to now somehow a blog that talks about so much things that tickle my fancy. I believe that my blog grew and matured, as it no longer demands me to stay in one specific niche, but rather to stay with writing and sharing my own stories. I feel like it’s better that way.

I wasn’t a consistent blogger. During my first few years I would blog every single day. It stressed the hell out of me, I feel like my writing before was always kind of rushed and not from the heart, but it did give me traffic. A lot of it. Then I slowly started to realize how I want to do more than just blog for the traffic. I want to write more than just what your eyes can see. I want to share who I am, my struggles, how I overcome every single day, and how I’m not perfect; that despite of the beautiful fa├žade you see on my blog and social media, I have my own struggles and the success I get from every chapter in my life wasn’t easily obtained.

You’ve all seen me from my biggest to my fittest (still not my goal, but getting there), my worst makeup tutorials to the best and most decent looking of them, my crappy product reviews to the more thorough ones, and my craziest fashion styles to the more mature and flattering ones. I grew, my blog grew, before your very eyes. And for those readers who were with me from day one, THANK YOU.

Dress: H&M | Cover-Up: Bazaar-bought | Shoes: Payless
Thank you for staying and rooting for me. You have all helped me find my real self through jumping from one goal after another. You’ve seen me at my worst blogging state to my best blogging attitude. And for still staying and supporting me, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

To the brands I worked and still work with, thank you for trusting Gelleesh. Thank you for giving me the chance to work with you and share your brand’s story to my readers.

To my blogger inspirations and blogger friends, thank you for helping me grow and for being awesome online buddies. I appreciate the likes, shares, and support you throw in for my blog. I could never have done it without the learnings I’ve picked up along the way through all of you.

I don’t think I will ever want to stop blogging. I learned now that it should never merely dictate who I should be, but rather it should be who I am. I should use this platform to inspire, motivate, and share my stories to people so that you can also learn through me as I’ve learned through others and through my experiences.

Cheers to 8 years of blogging and being Gelleesh and to many more years online!

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