Thursday, August 29, 2019

My 30th Birthday Wishlist

As some of you may already know, my birthday is coming up this September.

To be honest, I used to be so scared to turn 30. You see, one of my fears when I was younger was getting older. I remember feeling agitated before when I was about to turn 20. It kind of feels like a new chapter in my life that’s going to eat me alive. That maybe I’m not yet done with this chapter or what if I’m not yet ready? But let’s face it, who is right? Yes, sure, you can be financially capable and all, but what about the other aspects? Birthdays used to agitate me instead of excite me.

Used to.

Now I’m actually excited for the big 3-0. The experiences and memories I’ve harbored on my way here just made me feel more ecstatic. What’s this new chapter got in store for me? What kind of exciting adventures am I going to have?

But before we go into the exciting adventure ahead, let me share with you these things on my wishlist that I’m looking forward to getting, buying, or maybe be gifted with (*wink* my love language is receiving gifts *wink*)?

Reebok Nano 9

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You all know I’ve been doing CrossFit and weightlifting since early this year. I bought my first Reebok Nano FlexWeave after a month of doing CrossFit and now I feel like I need a new pair of training or even lifting shoes. On top of my list is the Reebok Nano 9. I used to not care about what specific rubber shoes I should be wearing when I started going to the gym. I actually started with a pair of running shoes because they’re just so soft. But as I dived into CrossFit and weightlifting more, apparently shoes do play a big role in improving your movements. My running shoes almost gave up on me when I used it in CrossFit. Yikes!

Snoe Primaries Paint Palette

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The Snoe Primaries Paint Palette has been on my wishlist ever since it came out. Of course I still love doing my makeup. Well, just not on a daily basis like I used to because I CrossFit after work, but I love putting makeup on and being all glammed up when I go out with friends or family. Plus I’ve been a bit into doing those EGirl makeup looks. They’re just too cute. And I bet my sister and I would be sharing this palette a lot because she also loves being creative with her makeup.

Neat Feat 2B Saver Gel

Surprised? Well don’t be. The Neat Feat 2B Saver Gel is my current favorite makeup primer. Technically it is a facial antiperspirant, but when I tried it as a makeup primer, it wowed me more than my previous favorite – the Banila Co Primer. You see, it really holds your makeup together. Trust me, if you’re a makeup artist, you would definitely want this in your kit. It’s a no brainer.

Junji Ito Manga

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After buying Gyo for myself last year, I decided to collect more Junji Ito manga. It’s not just the creepy story that gets me, but the gruesome art itself is just amazing. It’s not some sick twisted fantasy, but more of appreciating his art style and the way he merges it to the amazing story line he has for each of his manga.

A New Little Black Dress

And now to the most generic one, but definitely a need – a new LBD. My last LBD was a cute off-shoulder dress, which I only got to wear once because of the weight loss. As much as I’m enjoying the fitness progress and healthier lifestyle, it pains me so much that I need to spend a lot on new clothes because my old ones do not fit me anymore. There have also been a lot of events I need to attend to so a sexy yet simple LBD would be a perfect addition to my new wardrobe.

I know that this new chapter will be far from perfect, but I know I will make great memories and learn a lot through new experiences. How about you, still scared to step into your 30s? Or if you’re beyond 30 now, how is it going so far? 😉

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