Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Why Using Sex Toys Can Be Good for You

I know you haven’t read about something like this in my blog before, but if you follow me on my social media accounts, you know how much I advocate for the use of sex toys and being sex positive in general. To settle things about being SEX POSITIVE first, be reminded that it isn’t about being open to hooking up or anything like that. Being sex positive means I openly talk about safe sex, and I advocate for the normalization of conversations about it to help people be informed of facts rather than misconceptions about it and all. I am very much aware that conversations about sex is still taboo here in the Philippines, but with the misinformation and misconceptions spreading around about it, I think it’s high time those of us who can, should stand up and speak out.

I have been using toys for years now, but it is only recently when I started adding more to my collection and advocating to friends that they should own one too. And here are reasons why I think owning and using sex toys can be very beneficial for you.

It can help you get to know your body more. In my journey towards body love, it is important too for me to know how I can be pleasured more, may it be by a partner or by myself. And by using and experimenting on various toys, I have finally come to realize what kind of sensation turns me on, what would be too much for me, which spot works better for me… That kind of knowledge can turn your worst days into great evenings, I tell you.

You can have multiple orgasms easily. Do you know that about 75% of women do not reach orgasm through intercourse alone? That is why before I own any toys, I used to just stimulate my clitoris using my own fingers and it can be quite tasking. But after buying my first toy (a bullet vibrator), I was able to enjoy multiple orgasms and even realized I can squirt! I remember that my fingers used to get cramps whenever I’d try to orgasm more than one, but now, my hardworking toys can do all the work for me.

It is the ultimate definition of safe sex. One of the bigger things I am worried about when it comes to sleeping with someone is not getting attached (hehe) but getting a sexually transmitted disease. And because you do not need to have any physical contact with anyone when using toys, there is 0 risks of getting one. Just make sure you clean, sterilize, and store your toys well, so you will not get any infection of some sort.

I know people still giggle at the sight of vibrators and dildos, but I’m glad that more and more people are becoming more open about having and using them. And I’m also super proud of sex toy brands like Frisky Ultd, who not only sell toys, but also advocate and promote sex positivity and sexual health, thus helping break the stigma of using toys and being comfortable with our sexuality.


P.S. This is not a paid post. Sex positivity and sexual health (as most of you who follow me on social media know) are part of my personal advocacy.

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