Wednesday, June 29, 2022

5 Frequently Asked Questions About my Weight Loss

It’s not a big secret that I lost A LOT of weight ever since I started my fitness journey in 2018. It had not been an easy journey, but it had been a good one. I’ve made mistakes in the beginning, which I’ve managed to fix eventually, and I finally found the right workout and diet that would best fit my lifestyle.

Of course, there were some questions about how I lost it and all. So, let me list down the top 5 frequently asked questions some of you ask about my health and fitness journey.

Do you still eat rice?

Trust me, I get this A LOT. The answer is YES. Keep in mind that carbs are not the enemy. It’s always about how much of it you consume, and not a particular food group. Carbs are essential for a well-balanced diet, and you shouldn’t fear them. One of the reasons why people think they gain fat because of carbs is because they eat too much of it. For us, Filipinos, rice is life, and I will stand by my love for it.

Do you fast (or anything related to a specific diet that I might be doing)?

To be honest, I eat 5-6 times a day. I don’t believe in fasting, keto, or OMAD (One Meal A Day), because it promotes an overly restrictive diet, may it be with what kind of food you eat or the time you eat. As a person prone to acid reflux, I need to eat when my tummy says it needs food. So, my rule here is to eat not until your full, but just enough to not be hungry anymore. I also eat ANYTHING I want, as long as I don’t eat too much of it. Imagine, I’m still losing fat and building muscle, but I eat pizza, cake, ice cream, ramen, fried chicken… Isn’t that the life? Again, as long as you don’t eat too much, you’re good. Trust me.

What workout should I do to get rid of my [insert specific body part] fat?

This “workout” is usually called spot reduction. However, spot reduction does not work, and many studies have already proven it. You cannot just train one specific body part and expect it to be the only one to lose fat.

But why are there workouts for specific body parts?

Hun, it’s called targeted toning and not spot reduction. While you cannot choose which body part loses fat first (because it’s all dependent on your genes), you can choose where you want to look more toned and defined. And while it is true that muscles are strengthened and defined by toning workouts, these don’t burn calories in that specific area only. An example is doing a lot of core workouts will strengthen your core, but until you reach a certain body fat percentage, you will not see those dreamed of 6-pack abs.

But how do I lose fat?

There is no big secret to it. Just a healthier diet, caloric deficit, and exercise.

Is it necessary to take whey once you start going to the gym?

The quick answer is NO. If you can get enough protein through the food you eat without taking whey, that’s better. So, what do I do? I mainly get my protein from the food that I eat, usually it’s from eating chicken breast and eggs. Before the day ends or after my workout for the day, if I see that I still need to consume protein (yes, I track my macros), that is the only time I take whey. There are days when I eat more protein, so there would be no need for me to take in whey. So, if you’re very particular with your macros and muscle building, that’s when you can figure out if you need to take whey or not. But yeah, you don’t really NEED it.

Do you take any slimming supplements or diet teas/coffee/pills?

I don’t. I have been very outspoken about this. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE IN ANY KIND OF SUPPLEMENTS TO LOSE FAT. You just need to find a diet YOU CAN SUSTAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and incorporate it as part of your lifestyle, and a workout you would enjoy doing. That’s it. I’ve seen so many products endorsed by “influencers” that would supposedly help you look slimmer, reduce belly fat, or those expensive af supplements for PCOS. Again, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM. Losing fat does not need to be expensive, nor would require you to spend so much on superfoods, supplements, or whatnot. Just eat healthier, in moderation, and enjoy the process. People who take these expensive supplements are usually those who rush it; but there is no need to rush the progress, because you would want the result to be something you can sustain for the rest of your life. And the only way to sustain it is by incorporating a good diet and workout routine in your lifestyle and just enjoying it.

I’m going to be honest; it wasn’t an easy journey. Especially for someone who has PCOS like me, the process would take longer, and you’d need a lot of patience and discipline. And because I grew up overweight to obese, my relationship with food was also shit, so that is another part I needed to adjust to. There would be times when I’d want to hasten my progress by extremely cutting food or by taking in unnecessary supplements, but then I’m reminded of how it is better in the long run if I’d always choose the healthier and more sustainable route.

I hope you’ll choose what’s best and healthy for you too!

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