Thursday, August 11, 2022

My 33rd Birthday Wishlist

I’m turning 33 in a month and I’m excited! There was a time when I get anxious about getting older, but now that I don’t feel like I’m getting older (thank you healthier and more active lifestyle) and I kind of look like I’m Benjamin Buttoning life, I’m more of looking forward to what the future holds for me and what else I can accomplish in the coming years.

And because receiving gifts is my love language (hi family and friends hehe), it’s been like a yearly tradition of mine to post a wishlist just in case. And, well, these are also things I plan on buying or gifting myself for my birthday. But if someone insists on giving it to me, who am I to refuse, right?

Nike Metcon 8

Ever since I started doing Crossfit, Reebok Nano has always been my choice of shoes; but I kind of want to try the Metcons now, and I have my eyes on the Nike Metcon 8. Because of my everyday intense training as an athlete, I realized that I should be upgrading my shoes every 6 to 12 months. I just recently got a new pair of Reebok Nano X2, but having another one so I won’t wear out my training shoes would definitely be ideal.

Supplements – Whey, Creatine, Collagen, and Fish Oil

As I progress as an athlete and with my age, my supplement needs just keep on piling up. Currently, I’ve only been taking in Whey (to help complete my protein requirement for the day) and collagen (for my patellar tendonitis as it may help lessen joint aches and pains); but come mid-August, leading to the upcoming competition on October, I may need to start taking in Creatine again. As for fish oil, it was recommended that I take it, because part of its benefits is it may help improve bone health (signs of aging needs hehe). I’m currently using Athlene Whey Protein and Genacol as my collagen supplement, but open to trying out something else.

Junji Ito Manga and Merch

I am still a big Junji Ito fangirl. And if you have been following me on my socials, you’d know how much I love him. I am actually planning on getting a Junji Ito tattoo, specifically of Tomie. I still need some of his mangas to add to my collection, and the official Funko Pops that were released a year or two ago, I think. The only one I have is the Funko Exclusive 2020 Fall Convention Limited Edition; but who says this girl can’t have more? We definitely need more!

Ground Coffee Beans, Please!

As someone who loves coffee, I definitely would appreciate coffee beans as a gift too. I’m an Arabica (Medium Roast) kind of person, but if you want to be specific, God I’d love to have me some Ethiopian Sidamo again. I am currently rotating different kinds of Arabica beans I can find available in my area or even order online. One of my go-to ground coffee beans supplier is the local Atin Keni shop based in Pampanga.

Crossfit Gears and Accessories – Grips, Wraps, and Tapes

And because Crossfit is my main sports, I always appreciate Crossfit-related gifts like a new leather grip for when I do my bar gymnastics movements, or a new pair of wrist wraps won’t hurt. I’m also a regular tape user, particularly the Panda Tape from Panda Athletics. Also maybe a new pair of knee sleeves (I currently have two which I alternately use) or maybe some long ass deadlift socks to help protect my shins.

For my birthday celebration, I still don’t know how to celebrate it, but I’d definitely take a leave to either go out of town or maybe just sleep at home? We’ll see. Bu it will definitely be a long weekend all to myself. How about you, how do you usually celebrate your birthday?

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