Thursday, June 16, 2011

Animo! (DLSU's Centennial Bazaar)

It was a very hot day and my sister dragged me into DLSU’s bazaar. The bazaar was because De La Salle University is celebrating their centennial. I am not a Lasallian (I am a Paulinian and proud to be); but my sister is. She is currently a junior officer at Access (Org for the Computer Engineering Students in DLSU).

Anyway, she tempted me because she said there are lots of great buys at the bazaar. That is what caught my attention. So, I went with her. We were in time for the parade and the sun was at its peak. I was sweating real hard. Haha! After getting in, we went straight to their org’s booth. Their org had a gaming booth. I was supposed to play; but I got intimidated by all of the guys playing.

After going to their booth, we looked at all the stalls at the bazaar. I was not able to take pictures because the crowd was super thick, it was super hot plus everyone feels so sticky once your arm touches another one’s arm.

sister's tee

This is mine :)

My sister and I bought cute tees from Tick Tock. Sister bought a white robot tee while I bought the gray insomniac tee. One tee costs only PHP180.00. 

We also bought cute cupcakes! Two of which are La Salle stars. 

For merienda, my sister dragged me into buying food in their org’s food booth. The Quekiam and Kiampao (rice) was delightful and only costs PHP50.00. The rice reminds me much of suman. Oh, and they have the cheapest Maki for only PHP35.00 you’ll get 4 pieces already!

There were booths selling DLSU shirts, vintage necklaces, cute ballers, nail art stamps, cute stuffs, bags, shoes and of course, makeup! I, however, didn’t buy makeup from the booth. They sell original cosmetics and All Glammed Up still is cheaper; but they do sell a MAC palette which is a replica for sure. Their other cosmetics, however, like the Urban Decay, Rimmel, Maybelline, NYX, Opi nail polishes, etc., are obviously original.

After the event, I met up with a customer of mine who ordered ELF and NYC tools and cosmetics. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers to rest our feet before enduring a half an hour LRT ride home.

We didn’t stay long for the concert; but I just saw Sandwich performing. We were both so tired that we just really wanted to go home badly. Hahaha! Besides, I was just after the bazaar. ;)

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