Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Glammed Up's New Arrived Cosmetics

As most of you know, I am the co-owner of the online cosmetics shop, All Glammed Up together with my High School buddy and blogger friend, Fashiometics. Just today, I have successfully received our next batch of items and I am so happy because we have waited for more than a month for this.

Anyway, most of the cosmetics and tools which have arrived are for pre-ordered items; but of course we have new on-hand stocks. Follow All Glammed Up's fan page or Add All Glammed Up at Facebook for announcement as to what items would our new on-hand stocks are. 

I will, however, be giving the brands. We have new and lots of stuffs from Wet N Wild, Mascaras from Maybelline, your most requested makeup items from ELF, great foundations from Revlon and great finds from NYX. Oh, and we have a trademark that we only sell original US branded cosmetics; excluding the only Korean cosmetics we have which is the EnCara BB Cream.

So if you're much of a makeup addict as I and Fashiometics are, drop by All Glammed Up and you'll surely love our stuffs!

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