Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheap Makeup Finds

I know I have been always saying about how beauty doesn't necessarily have to be expensive and I have super admitted how "kuripot" I am. 

About two weeks ago, I won this online auction via Online Sellers Group in Facebook. On auction that night was a set inclusive of a liquid eyeliner, lip balm and false lashes. I admit that it looks super cute (plus it's super cheap) so I was like, "The hell, Imma go bid!" I tried my luck and I got the set for PHP 79.00 + PHP 80.00 (shipping fee). I was kind of afraid of using them because they were ridiculously cheap. 

I will be making a review of the products soon; but for a quick reaction upon using it: I loved the liquid eyeliner, I didn't like the lip balm much and I haven't used the false lashes yet,. I will be using it on Toycon 2011. So, see you!

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  1. Everything's just so adorable! I love the cases especially. =)


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