Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spotted: Forever 21's Love and Beauty Smokey Palette

Yesterday, I visited Forever 21 at SM Megamall with BDJ buddy, Lyzette. She bought a gray cropped top while I went to the cosmetics section. I found stuffs I would want to try like their body shimmer, the blush which looks like a pink camouflage suit and their cute coloured nail polishes. They also have these mood lipsticks which they claim to change colours after awhile.

I have been convinced to purchase the Love & Beauty Smokey Palette. It has 10 colours which are already good for blending and creating a smokey effect on the eyes. It also comes with an eye shadow applicator and a black eye liner. I am excited to try my new baby and I will be posting a review and eye look for this palette. This palette costs only PHP 435.00. Good deal, guys?


Do you have any thoughts on the Love & Beauty products of Forever 21? Have you tried any of them? Don’t forget to leave a comment below or message me for Love & Beauty stuffs.

Till next purchase ladies!

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