Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Reusing Old Blush Canisters

How many times have we been reminded of practicing recycling? Now, how many times have you done that? Well ladies, let us all do our fair share in saving our planet even in those small things. Remember, big things start out small.

I have come to noticed that after people use an empty cosmetics canister, they just throw it off without thinking one of the rules of recycling: RE-USE. I have been using a blush with a round canister and I have been keeping this. At first, there is actually no reason why I do this. I just don’t actually like throwing stuffs which are still in good condition. Yes, even empty cosmetics canister.
For this instance, I finally found where I can use this empty round blush canister. Last BDJ Rendezvous, Garnier gave these sachets of moisturizing cream. I tried using one and of course, you cannot seal a sachet unless you put a clip on it; but it still isn’t well sealed. I managed to remember my empty blush canister. I don’t know if it would fit there; but if in case it doesn’t, I still have other canisters to put it in. So after I applied the moisturizer and still having more left in the sachet, I took my canister and squeezed it all out there. It perfectly fitted! 
As I have always been saying: “beauty needs not to always be expensive”; plus you have managed to do your part in saving our planet. It’s a small thing; but we have got to start somewhere small right? 

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