Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Haul at Etude House

You all know how I was so excited about the Etude House sale. So after Toycon, I dragged my sister to Etude House immediately to check out what they have in store for me. I repeatedly say how I would be raiding Etude House but that just didn't happen. I did buy a few stuffs but didn't actually raided the store.


I have heard and read lots of great comments about their makeup and all but when I got there, the makeup they have just doesn't match my skin tone! Is this because it's a Korean based makeup company? I don't know. I'm looking, specifically, for a new blush which will suit my skin tone and there was none (or they just ran out of a color for me) which will perfectly match my skin tone. As for their eye shadows, I don't find them pigmented enough because when I tried the tester, it just disappears on my skin! Haha! Their products were so cute but I was like circling around every stall just so I can buy something.

I just couldn't go out of the store without taking advantage of the sale, so I bought at least a few items:

Stupid me because I threw the receipt but the total of the items I bought is less than P200. I bought two nail polishes. One is kind of like a carnation pink and the other one is matte pink. I love pink so I just couldn't resist not buying from Etude House. Oh, and I also bought an auto lip liner. I will be posting a review of these items as soon as I get to use them. Oh and I adore the Etude House paper bag so much. Hahaha! Just saying.

Anyway, if you guys know any on-sale cosmetics please do let me know. You know how much of a "kuripot" I am. Hahaha! ;)


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