Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hosting Vanessa's Debut Party

Asanion Designs and Creative Solutions Inc., invited me to be the host for one of their events, which is Vanessa Rosete's 18th Debut Party. The event took place at the Portofino Club House in Daang Hari Cavite on May 06, 2011. The theme of the party is actually "Barbie" inspired since she calls her 18 roses as 18 Kens and her 18 Treasures as 18 Barbies.

Tala Asanion -- One of the owners of Asanion Designs and Creative Solutions, Inc.

With Tala Asanion

The Portofino Club House is a perfect place to hold events. It has a pool outside, a grand fountain, a cocktail hall and a main dining hall. The feel of the place is very sophisticated and elegant.

The Club House's pool

The Set-up of the Debut Party

The Cake

The Table Setting

In this event, I wore the Plains and Prints top I bought last Sunday which is designed by Rajo Laurel.

The Plains and Prints top by Rajo Laurel I bought last Sunday

Hosting the event was easy as it follows the normal debut party flow but the hell part was my heels. It was so freakin' killing me! I used to be like very comfortable with heels back in college, but now, I only wear flats or flip flops so I guess it's my fault that I stopped wearing heels.

It was a good day, as the Asanion family were really very nice and Marielle Penafiel's (one of the owners of Asanion Designs and Creative Solutions Inc.) classmates from Mapua, who were also hired for the technical side of the event, were very fun to hang out with. Hope to see them on the next project! 

The host, signing off! (Script by Tala Asanion)

Gelleesh, Tala and Marielle

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