Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wet N Wild Color Icon Brow and Eyeliner Pencil

In the past, the eyeliners and eyebrow pencils which I have used are those cheap generic ones or of local Philippine brand. The problem I have been having with them is that you need to apply it over and over again just so you’d see the result. It was an irritating process at first; but I have gotten used to it so what the heck, right? It’s cheap and it does the job. The bright side on this one is that I won’t have any smudged problem since, well, it easily wears off.

I have finally come to the realization that I should buy a better pencil and my first choice is the Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Brow and Eyeliner Pencil. I bought the one in #651 Black Black shade. Yes, I use black for my brows.

The Good Bits
It claims to have a rich and creamy color which glides on smoothly without tugging. True enough I need not have to apply it over and over again just to achieve the black I want on my waterline and above my lids. As per my brows, I just need to gently brush it over and line the end only once and voila! I get the brows want. It doesn’t smudge easily so fear not if you’re going to be wearing it for hours.

The Bad Bits

Of all the pencils I have used, it is by far the longest. It is not very much of a pro to me because first, I cannot fit it into my makeup pouch and take it anywhere for retouch because of fear that it might suddenly break and because of its creaminess you have to sharpen it often because its tip gets easily flattened or shortened.


It is a brow and eyeliner pencil which will do the job. However, I am not so sure how long the pencil itself will last because I need to always sharpen it. I will be giving it a 7/10. It is a decent pencil for which will do a good job on your brows and eyes.


  1. Hi Gelleesh,
    What other good liners have you tried aside from Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Liner? Thanks!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. I'm currently using a kohl liner from Maybelline :)


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