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Organizing An Event: The Basics You Need To Know

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A request from someone on Facebook asked me to give tips on how to organize an event. Organizing an event is not an easy task to do; plus there is no specific way on how to do it. It always depends upon what kind of event you would want to organize. Would it be a birthday party, a debut, a wedding, a social gathering, a press conference, etc. There are so many kinds of events and each one requires a different way on handling it; however, I would be giving you tips on the basics of organizing an event.

1. What is the event about?

You should have already thought about what your event is about and what the theme is. Whether the event is for a social gathering or a birthday party, you should have already thought about how you want this event to look. This is because you will base every planning and preparation details with this core information.
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2. Know your budget

It is just right that you should have already known what your allotted budget is for the event. That way you can plan well and make necessary adjustments early for the event. If it is a corporate events or a social gathering, you can go look for sponsors; but be reminded that sponsors are not always the answers. They could lighten up the financial burden but you should always have a specific budget ready already.

3. Final Planning

Upon knowing what the event is about and how much your allotted budget is, you can now plan as to how you want your event to run and the final set-up look on the venue and other related stuffs. You will be basing your plans on the given theme and budget for the event.
4. Make a Pre-Event Checklist

Now that you know how your event would look like and what is it about, it’s about time we list the things we would need for the event. Like the caterer, the guest list, the lights, sounds, etc.  You need to fulfil each and everything on the list and as an added tip, put the most important on top of the list. This would help you in figuring out what your top priority is.

5. Prepare a timeline

Keep in mind that you must always be on schedule or even earlier so that if in any case that there would be changes, you still have time to adjust. That is why you should always give a timeline when doing a specific something for the event. Like if you would be having sponsors, give them a timeline until when you need their confirmation and such stuffs. If one thing is delayed, your whole planning would be adjusted and changed. So better be on track of your timeline.
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6. Prepare Well For the Ingress

For me, the ingress is the most crucial time for the event. I suggest you prepare a complete ingress checklist as to what you will need. List even the smallest items from the lights, the mobile to the electric tapes, wires and even scissors. If you do this, you can thank me later. This will save you a lot of time and will keep you prepared for everything. Trust that your ingress will fall smoothly.
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7. Be Alert on the Event Itself

Yes, you should be. If in any case there would be problems, if you don’t have the budget for the headsets in all of your staff, at the least keep your mobile phone close to you so you can always contact each other. Always check your mobile phone and check on your staff every once in awhile. Do not panic. Stay calm and enjoy the event.

8. The Egress

Just because this is the egress doesn’t mean you need not to prepare for this. If you have rented the stuffs you used for the event, make sure everything is in its working condition and check all the staff while packing up. Use your ingress checklist and see if everything is complete and still in good working condition.

This is pretty much the basics, my own tips and what I do when I organize an event. Different occasions call for different approaches. However, these are tips in general. Hope this helps and thanks to Kriszelle Diaz for this article request. If you still have any requests, add-ons, suggestions and/or comments feel free to leave a comment below, hit the contact me button, comment on my fan page in Facebook or tweet me. Just look for Gelleesh both in Facebook and Twitter.

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