Saturday, July 16, 2011

G-Lish Gelato Eyes Cream

Yesterday, I had a mini-haul at SM Megamall. One of the brands I got to buy was G-Lish. They are a local brand for cosmetics and their prices are really inexpensive. I got attracted with the way they presented their products in their stall. It looks really cute and I'm a sucker for cute stuffs. I didn't buy all of the colors in their Gelato Eyes Cream collection because I do not know if this would work for me. So, here is my verdict with the product. I used it awhile ago; but I wasn't able to take pictures because I was so in a hurry and all; but I got a swatch on my skin for all of you.

"Intense, high-shine and long lasting! This yummy blendable eyes cream can be used with a wet or dry applicator."

The #21 shade is actually a shimmery shade of green. It has claims that it would last long because it is cream based. 

The Good Bits:

First of all, it is inexpensive and I super like that fact. For only PHP60.00 you can already have 1.6g of cream eyeshadow. True to its claim, it really did last long on my eyes. It never smudged considering the fact that I sweated a lot today because the sun was at its peak. It has good pigmentation so you can definitely save a lot with this eyeshadow. It also comes in a small compact container and not only a money saver; but also a space saver.

The Bad Bits:

I liked the way they displayed it; but I was surprised when I received the actual packaging of this cream eyeshadow. Its cover is kind of like a glittery sticker on a cheap container. I know it really is inexpensive; but I'd prefer a container like that of the Dream Girl Eyeshadow. I also didn't like the fact that its shade is by numbers. It is kind hard for me to remember numbers. I hate Math. LOL. Also, it has this kind of cheap scent; but it's only because I really did sniffed it but if you're not a nosy sniffer like me, it won't be a problem. The scent is really not strong.


I loved this product. It is a reliable and long-lasting cream eyeshadow yet definitely inexpensive. I would purchase ALL the other colors from this collection and I'd be giving this a rating of 7/10. I believe the packaging matters to me because it creates a good first impression; but nevertheless, the product itself is promising.


  1. love the shade of green u got!:)

  2. ooh cute! feel like trying it out

  3. @Jes - Indeed it is :)

    @Gie - Thanks! I love it too plus it's long lasting! :D

    @Kumiko - Go try it! It's good and very inexpensive ;)

  4. it's sooo pretty! and the fact that it's only Php 60.00 is awesome! I've never seen that here in Cebu though.

  5. I have this as in exact color in college then pwede sila pagpatung patungin diba! Super affordable and pigmented :)


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