Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini Haul at SM Megamall

Earlier today I was at SM Megamall and I actually want to go to Watsons. You know how much I love going to Watsons; but I'm like super tired the whole day so since I'm going to be riding the bus home and I'm going to be heading out via Mega B, I decided not to go all the way to Mega A for the Watsons store. Instead, I passed by two cosmetics shop. First one is the G-Lish Cosmetics. I was like G-Lish=Gelleesh. Hahaha! Cute! Then I headed down to Etude House. I love the atmosphere and the look of Etude House so even if their makeup doesn't match my skin tone, I just need to buy something. Hahaha!

Gelleesh. I mean, G-Lish

Skin Care

Cosmetics and Brushes

Cream Eyeshadows

Balms and Powders
Lip Brush (PHP50.00)

Eyeshadow Brush (PHP100.00)

Gelato Eyes Cream #21 (PHP60.00)

Let's start off with my G-Lish buys. I just passed by this and noticed that they have super low prices on their makeup and I got attracted by the way it was presented in their small stall located at the 3rd Floor of SM Megamall. I actually would want to buy more; but I decided to buy just 3 items because I need to know if this would work with me. Their cream eyeshadow is so tempting because it's cheaper then the DreamGirl Eyeshadow I have bought from Watsons. Oh, their brushes are goat hair as per the sales staff who attended to my queries. I touched the bristles and they are definitely different from my Marionnaud brushes because the G-Lish brushes I bought are very soft.

Aloe Vera Mask (PHP58.00)

3 Piece Hair Curlers (PHP78.00)
Again, it took me like 15 minutes, I guess, circling around Etude House just because I wanna buy something. I want a lot of Etude House paper bags too because they are just so cute! So I stopped by their tools and still no Dual Fibre Brush (Sad). So I bough their curlers instead. Haha! I just want to buy something and their curlers come in pink plus they're really cute. Blame me for loving anything pink and cute. Then I grabbed one of their facial masks and I'm done.

I will be posting reviews about these products soon. Watch out for it. If I fail to do so, please remind me. I've been buying a lot of products lately. I tend to forget which to review first.

Oh, First day on my next full-time job is on Monday. I'm excited! I need this job for more makeup hauls! Hahaha! Of course, I do love the job as well. I have a feeling that I'm so gonna enjoy my work. I just hope it won't eat up my blogging. 

Anyway, till next post! ;)


  1. It's like a brand was named after you. :)

  2. i love glish.. i think sister company cla ng pedro something na makeup brand dats in rustan's..i love their blushers..un prng 5 colors sa isang pan??dati ckat un product nla na un kac dupe un for the smashbox ones i think??i love them!lalo na pag they have buy 1 take 1 promos!!:))

  3. i want to try the aloe and tea tree mask nxt tym from EH, i havent used my 2 masks left from EH kasi..
    gurl u just reminded me i need curl clips to clean my makeup brushes with ;)

  4. i love glish. lagi ko syang christmas gifts sa mga friends ko, haha! kaso bigla kong nakalimutan ang glish sad :( hope they'll advertise more. thank you for reminding me. now i know where to buy cream white eyeshadow! :)

  5. @Rae - IKR. It's meant to be. XD

    @Gie - The sales attendant told me they closed their Rustans branch because of poor sales ): I would want to support this product cos only a few local cosmetics brand makes it without being branded baduy by some people who thinks only US branded cosmetics are good. sadly, i know a few people who feels that way. ):

    @amz88 - bigay mo na lang sa akin if you don't use it. hahahaha! :P

    @jen - saw their website and last event pa ata nila is 2007. ): napabayaan marketing nila ):

  6. the e/s and blushes of g-lish are super pigmented. promise!

  7. @aringkingking - imma go try the blush next! :D

  8. I want the hair curlers! May ganyan pala ang Etude House! Thanks for sharing! BTW, Ang cute parang it's a store named after you. Haha!Glish! :)

  9. @Morbidfrank - Yah, I bought the curlers but I don't use them. Haha! One of the reasons why I fell in love w/ Glish magkapangalan kami ;)

  10. I love their lip gloss! yung 80 pesos lang each :D I tried one of their blushes, but sadly I'm allergic to it :| I breakout when I use it. :( sayang.

    drop by my blog if you have time! :)

  11. @erika - Sayang naman. Well, kanya kanya talagang skin type. What works for me might now work for someone else. :)


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