Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shopping Escapade at SM Marilao

I didn't actually buy a lot but I bought a few things and some of them are on-sale. It's the last day of SALE at SM City Marilao so I took advantage of it.

Stuffs I Bought:

Kassidy Bag from Egg's MOD Collection - I love the girly, sophisticated yet modern look of this bag. Their MOD collection basically means Modern and is their new line of bag collections. This piece of bag art costs PHP1,750.00 but since it's on sale I got it for only PHP1,400.00.

Black shoes from Mario D'boro - I need new shoes for my new work so I bought these simple black shoes. Their original price is PHP699.00 but since it is on sale, I got it for only PHP399.00.

Nivea Body Lotion (Angel Star) - PHP89.75
Ever Bilena Color Pencil (Brown) - PHP88.00
Caronia Nail Polish (Baby Pink) - PHP30.00

I bought all of these from Watsons with the total cost of PHP207.75.

I'm excited for my new work and to tell you all about it as soon as I get started; but I will never leave blogging. I need the work so I can buy more makeup to review. Great inspiration, huh? Haha!

Till next post! ;)


  1. Hope you can swatch the baby pink soon :)

  2. That's one of my fave nail colors. :D

  3. " I need the work so I can buy more makeup to review. "

    ---> This is my motivation too! Looking for work for makeup. LOL

  4. @Rae - I actually already used it; but I it's not that noticeable cos I did a crazy nail art XD

    @Janinay - I got all sorts of pink nail polishes :D

    @Aya - Haha! Working so that we can provide for our passion. It's a good cause naman :P

  5. goodluck with your new job! :) nice haul too! the shoes look classy. ;)

  6. Hi Gellie! Congratulations on the new job! Super excited for you to be starting work already! I love your haul and I think the bag and shoes are super worth the price! I had a short laugh when you mentioned that you work so you can buy more make up to review - nice one! -Mar

  7. @sugar - Thanks! I'm excited to start on my new job :)

    @Mar - Thanks! :) I just love bags from EGG. Their so classy and inexpensive. Don't we all just work to make our passion and dreams come true? hahaha! :D


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