Friday, August 05, 2011

Beauty Buffet Charcoal and Cypress Facial Mask

My search for the ultimate facial mask which will fulfill my needs is almost over. Of all the facial mask I've tried (Etude House and Watsons) this, by far, will have the best review. OMG, enough of the spoilers, just read on and find out why I loved this.

With the facial mask on ;)

The Good Bits:

I've read reviews about charcoal facial washes and facial masks so I went on and bough this one from Watsons the moment I saw it being the only one left of its kind. It's inexpensive at PHP45.00 plus the packaging is cute, right? This facial mask has the best fit of all the facial masks I have tried. It really is a Filipino-friendly mask. It also sticks well on your face so no need to worry about keeping them on for a good 20 minutes (as per instructions). 

This is the first time that I felt like my being purified and the ingredients of the facial mask feels really absorbed. I can feel a tightening action underneath the mask as if my face is drinking all the ingredients in the facial mask.

After I've removed it, I feel like my face was cleansed and I'm satisfied. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to take a picture of my face right after I've tried it. I accidentally took a nap while wearing it and when I removed it, I was so sleepy that I just tossed the used mask on the trash bin, rubbed my face a bit to spread the remaining juice from the facial mask and slept.

The Bad Bits:

This is also the first mask I've seen that has instructions of using it on a daily basis. Usually, instructions on facial masks will tell you to use it at least 2-3 times a week. Everyday is too much. Oh and I'm also having a hard time looking for new stocks on this specific product. Looks like a lot of people really liked this one.


I will definitely be buying more of this product; but I still have one more facial mask to review so let's see how that one will match up against my current favorite. I will be giving this a rating of 10/10. It's very good plus it's inexpensive. I can feel the effect immediately so the ingredients must be strong. Can they just please remove the daily use instructions at the back of the pack?


  1. yay! the review! i will hunt this down now lol
    nice review po ;) what branch u buy ur watson goodies? :)

  2. And I shall definitely give this one a try! Thanks for the helpful post!


  3. this is interesting...i will try to check if a nearby watson has it. i used the charcoal mask from everything 88 haha! chipipay. but actually i believe it works for me. im actually running out, so i am thinking of getting another one, but will try your recommendation too :)

  4. @amz88 - lahat ng watsons branch na madaanan ko. hehe. pero kadalasan at sm valenzuela or sm marilao. dun kasi ako malapit ;)

    @gayle - no prob! glad to be of help :)

    @manilenya mom - kung everything 88, mas mahal pa siya! not cheapipay! this is only PHP45.00 hehehe. I wanna try other charcoal masks din! :D

  5. hey Gellie! Thank so much for blogging about this. Will definitely try this on girl! sana I can find one at the SM near my place (fingers crossed) anyways, thanks for dropping by my blog again! see you soonest!

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    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-

  6. @Mar - you better hurry kasi ambilis niya talaga mawala sa watsons shelf. and itong charcoal mismo yung laging out-of-stock. the other flavors ng beauty buffet facial masks available naman. :)

  7. interesting. i'll keep an eye out for it. =))

  8. gurl i just bought some of these lol XD yesterday because of ur review ;)
    thanks :D

  9. Thanks for the review Gellie! Just so you know, masks from the same brand but diff type are part of my 100+ followers giveaway.:D I love it too!<3


  10. I havent tried a facial mask like this. But will definitely gonna try this. Thanks for the review sis...


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