Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meeting Up With Blogger Friends

image source: http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com

August 29, 2011 - I met up with some beauty and fashion bloggers at Trinoma. I have been talking with them for quite some time on Twitter and have been interacting with them through their blogs and it really is about time that we get to see who is behind all those beauty tips and fashion posts.

I arrived at Trinoma a few minutes past two and Gie of Third World Fashion was the earliest of us all. After that, Sweethestia came with her partner and daughter and she was only able to stay for a few minutes; but good thing, we managed to have our picture taken along with new arrived Aya of Codename AyaRache of Fashion is Architect, Kai of Brew Of The Day and Jen of Shopgirljen with her daughter, the future beauty+fashion blogger, Sofi.

After Sweethestia bid us goodbye (and promised to stay longer next time), we went to Coffee Bean to wait for two more bloggers and as well as ordered our coffee and snacks there. After a few more chika-moments, Genn of MissGennD followed by Eenah of Beauty Lil Secrets came at last. 

Here's what I got from ShopGirlJen!

We, then, had our mini-exchange gift as to leave a little token for each of us to be reminded of this day, being our first beauty+fashion blogger meet-up. I was able to get an Avon Lipgloss from ShopgirlJen and I was able to give my token to her as well. It's like we only had an exclusive exchange of tokens!

Shopping at Landmark

After our Coffee Bean bonding, we proceeded to our shopping. Of course, we had our exchange of opinions as what item should we buy and stuffs. I will be making a separate post regarding my mini-blogger haul. 

I had a great time, too bad I had to go home early because dad tricked me into going out-of-town which was just a night out with the family. Another bonding like this soon. I hope we would be able to meet more beauty+fashion bloggers as well. See you next time! ;)

P.S. More pics at my Facebook Page!


  1. always nice to meet with fellow kikays, thanks Gelleesh! hope to see y'all soon! :)

  2. meeting up with fellow blogger is always fun!

  3. @sweethestia - stay longer next time! :D

    @fashioneggplant - super! hope you could join us sometime too ;)

    @eenah - see you soon! gora ka ba sa cosmetics expo? :)

    @cherie - it is! i hope to meet more. :)

  4. aw if I wasn't busy I would have come too! It looks really fun! :)

  5. @Mae - We'd be at the Cosmetics Expo. Hope we can meet you there! :)

  6. @Ava - Hope you can join us minsan! :)


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