Monday, August 01, 2011

Hello Amazing August!

First of all let me say thank you to all the people who have supported and trusted my blog especially to my newly met blogger friends whom I've truly learned a lot from. I rarely do this update thingy because I don't want this blog to be all about me and what I do. As much as possible, I want this blog to be source of information for everyone; but I just feel like updating you guys on what has been happening to me so here's a bit of an update.

If you have been following me in Twitter you will know that I am currently working as the Publications Associate of KMBI. It is an NGO and I'm really very glad to have been accepted to work there. The people there are great and super friendly; plus you all know how much I love writing. Nothing beats a job wherein you get to do the thing you love doing the most.

Next, I would want to thank The Plump Pinay, Stacy and Danah for featuring me on their blog. The post is titled: Love, Your plump and proud supporter. I totally support the advocacy of these two ladies. Quoting a quote they quoted from me (LOL): "We shouldn't let anyone stop us from what we love doing whatever shape or size or color we have. I believed in myself and continued despite of the negative comments about my shape. I didn't let those words eat up my confidence. My confidence ate those words long time ago. They never affect me anymore." Click THIS for the blog post featuring me. Yey!

Everyone loves when this happens: PACKAGE TIME! I got my package from G-Lish Cosmetique and I want to thank them for this package. I will be doing a review of the stuffs they sent me soon.Watch out for it. You know how much I love and support local makeup brands so go support G-Lish Cosmetique guys! I love their products and I definitely will be buying more from them! Who knows, I might do a G-Lish Giveaway.

On the quite not-so-good side, I have a prob with my right knee which might (I said might 'cos it's not yet sure) lead to surgery. Need to confirm first and have an MRI then I will update you guys on this. Please pray that it's not something THAT serious. Thank you.

So, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading a very long blog post about what has happened to me; if you want another blog post like this please do tell so in the comment. If in any case you do not want me talking about myself again, express yourself in the comments below too; but please do it in a nice way okidoks? ;)


  1. Pretty Gellie! I've read your feature on and I admire you for your attitude. You are amazing! =) Stay pretty and God bless on your endeavors. =)

  2. I do want to know about you dear! I love reading blogger talk about their self, coz I am like that too XD lol

  3. wow congrats na feature ka!!! ganda mo pa sa pic mo. anyway, what's your website para sa online store mo? gusto ko makabili ng makeup!

  4. @Jemy - Thanks! Let's all be proud of what God has given us. That's just what I'm doing :D

    @Cominica - Let's talk about ourselves more! Yey! :D

  5. Congrats to your feature! Hey, you are so pretty. I am saying so cos I saw you in person!! :)

  6. Congrats congrats! Proud plumpies unite!

  7. @Phoebe - it's thanks! :D

    @Pink Magaline - Thaaaanks! ;)

  8. Thanks Gellie! That inspires me, YOU inspires me. :)

  9. I love what you have on your lips hun xo

  10. @Lady Stapler - Thaaaanks! :D

    @Lisa - I'm glad that it imspired you. Thanks! :)

    @Popblush: It's MAC Satin in Mocha ;)

  11. I've read there post nga e... Congrats to your feature... and those twins really inspire us plump pinays...


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