Monday, August 15, 2011

Nail Of The Week #008

I just can't get over dots. They are the easiest to do and they just go well with almost any kind of nail art. This is just a simple tip with dots nail art but I hope you will all like it.


> Tony Moly Nail Polish (TR11)
> Caronia Nail Polish (Sweet Surprise)
> Caronia Nail Polish (White Satin)
> Caronia Nail Polish (Sunset)
> Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat
> Caronia Fast- Dry Top Coat


First I did was apply the base coat evenly on my nails. After that, I used the Tony Moly nail polish as the base color on this nail art. Then, the tip goes next. I used the White Satin for the tip. Then, using a hair pin, I did the yellow dots using the Sweet Suprise shade  and then topped it all off with the Sunset shade. The Sunset shade is just a transparent nail polish which hs orange glitters in it. After all of the colors have been applied, top it all off with the fast-dry top coat. Done!

Try it and see if it looks good on your nails. Till next post! ;)


  1. i really want to try the nail art thingy.. hom hom..
    hope i can.

  2. awww your nails are so cute and girly! :)

  3. @Diane me too, wanna learn some nail art as well :) goodluck satin 2.

    @gellie talent ata yan eh, parang wala ako :)

  4. @Sugar - Thaaanks ;)

    @Belle - I can't apply even the simple nail polish lang back then. Laging lagpas. Practice just makes it perfect :D


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