Monday, August 15, 2011

A Charming Package

I have been wanting to have a stippling brush but it's just hard to find a good and inexpensive one; but then I realized that good stippling brush doesn't come very cheap so I need to invest money to get the quality product I want. I got this brush from The Colorful Indulgence and its SRP is PhP700; plus they gave me a free purple watch. I so love pink and purples! I'm so gonna wear this to work tomorrow. I would want to make a review about this stippling brush soon. I am so excited to try this! This is my first stippling brush.

If you have inquiries and would want to have fast answers, you can tweet The Colorful Indulgence at: Fast transaction and very friendly. 

Till next post! ;)


  1. Nice! Looking forward to the review then :) I don't have a stippling brush either and I'm also doubtful about purchasing one... Therefore I'll wait for your opinion on it ^^ thanks for sharing!

  2. @Daph - Heard great reviews about this brand. Will post a review for it soon ;)

  3. thanks Ms. Gellie! can't wait for the review!! hope ul enjoy the brush ü take good care of it ha!! ü
    til nextime!! ü ü

  4. thanks Ms. Gellie!
    can't wait for te review!! pls enjoy using the brush ha!! must have for evry Filipina!! ü

    til nextime!:) ü

  5. do let us know how the brush works for you. i hope it does! :)

  6. the purple watch is really eye catching. :) can't wait to read your review on the brush! =)


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