Friday, September 30, 2011

Once Upon a Pedring

Water is starting to go up (Across our place)
I've been gone in the blogging community for only two days; but I really did already miss everyone. From my beauty and fashion blogger friends to reading my favorite bloggers' post and to my Pinoy Blogger buddies. When you got used to being online all the time and with gadgets to kill the boredom away, two days without electricity seem like forever.

Tuesday (September 27, 2011)

Pedicab can no longer make it
We were dismissed early from office because of the announcement of the Typhoon. I went home at 12noon and though the wind was blowing real hard, there was no signs of flood, at least at the area where I work. When I got to Tatawid, Malabon wherein I need to ride another jeep to get home and it's only 5-8 minutes away from my place, I was quite shocked as to why there isn't any jeepney passing by as there is still no signs of flood. I called my dad and asked him to pick me up but they said they were too busy lifting stuff to our second floor.

Sportivo is safe :)
After 15-20 minutes of waiting, a jeep passed by and I pushed myself in to get to ride the jeep, or else, I won't be able to ride it because everyone wants to get in. It only reached until the what we call "Rebulto" (statue), a landmark in our place because it cannot go any further. I went down the jeep and water is only a few inches below my vajayjay (you know what it is!). I do not want it to get wet (OF COURSE!) So I didn't bother removing my slippers and walked until I reached our gate. I was crying because it was a long walk even though I'm only a few block away from home. It was tiring to walk in the flood and the flow of the flood was so strong that it will definitely take me away if I'm not very careful.

Ninang Joy | Czai | GELLEESH | Lola Remy

At home, they are all lifting the furniture and other stuff. After I've washed and changed, I helped them and in just one snap, the water suddenly went in and up our house fast. We were running as if the water has been chasing us. We were all stuck in the second floor and me and my sister, Czai just talked to each other and played Tekken in her PSP until we both fell asleep that night.

Wednesday (September 28, 2011)

Living Room | TV Area
The day after, Czai went to stay at her friend's condo in Vito Cruz and dad accompanied her. My unit head, Ms Lea, called and we already have work! OMG. My work place is in Valenzuela but different area. Though I have no idea that there is no signs of the typhoon in that area. I wasn't able to go to work because there is no means of transportation unless you'd ride a boat which I find still very inconvenient. I chose to stay at home for another day as me, my youngest sister, Kim and dad played bored, I mean board games and cards until the night came and we drained my dad's laptop to watch a movie and went to sleep afterwards.

Thursday (September 29, 2011)

My office at home
12midnight, electricity came in and I jumped out of my bed and turned on the air condition in my room after waiting for a few minutes. I decided to finally go to work today and I rode a pedicab with my feet lifted to that I won't get wet; but I've got no choice and I still need to dip my feet in the flood to get to the pedicab and to get to the jeep which will take me to Tatawid, Malabon. The water now in our area until I get back home is knee-deep.

Ninang Joy going up stairs. A lot of our stuff is on the stairs
My Ondoy experience was worse but still, my Pedring experience is bad. It's nothing, though, compared to those who lost their houses and other stuff because of this typhoon and I believe that my family is still lucky that we can still manage even after Pedring. No one got hurt and even though there a few material losses, at least, we're all safe and our house still stands.

Thank you God for saving us. Please help the other people who had a worse Pedring experience.


  1. Glad to hear you and your fambam is fine after Pedring. IMY to bits babe! <3

  2. aaww thats sad, atleast u and your family and sportivo is safe but for me? my car broke by the fallen tree... :(

  3. im glad your safe. and thankfully there arent any major damages to your home...

  4. @Genn - Thanks dear!IMY too! :)

    @Chulala - Thanks! :)

    @Ashley - Aww, hindi sa baha, sa fallen tree pa? Ouch ):

    @Phoebe - Thanks! Hope to see you soon! :)

  5. im glad everything is ok now and u and ur family r safe :)

  6. glad you're all fine. i heard on the news how bad things got in that area. take care!

  7. Glad you're safe and sound. I hope the next typhoon won't be as strong as Pedring.

  8. @Amz88 - Thanks, dear :)

    @Jackie - Thanks, but situation is worse in Bulacan area. Hope the next typhoon won't be as devastating as Pedring

    @Helen - Thanks! I'm praying for that as well :)

  9. Hi Sis... happy that you're safe. I'm cheering on your blogging spirit amidst that. :) Aja! Fighting! ^^ Best Regards! :)


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