Monday, September 26, 2011

Penshoppe Unleashes Thai Invasion with Mario Maurer

Grab on to your seats as leading Philippine Fashion brand, Penshoppe brings you another hot and sensational endorser who will surely rock your world and knock you off of your seat - Mario Maurer - one of Thailand's hottest young celebrities!

After a Gossip Girl invasion last June via the very hot and gorgeous Ed Westwick, Penshoppe brings 22-year old Maurer to the Philippines as its newest international endorser. This is confirmed by Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe's Brand Director.

"Mario will not only make Penshoppe a bigger fashion name across the borders. He will also help grow the market in the local and Southeast Asian region, especially knowing that he has a gained wide following among the younger set," said Mendoza. "Mario is fresh, appealing and very influential. He represents the exciting new changes happening to the brand now," he added.

Aside from Mario Maurer's good looks, hot physique, young and free-spirited character style, and appearing in many magazine covers, he is also one great actor. Now, talk about talent and looks. What more could you ask for, right?

From winning a Best Actor award on the 2008 Cinemanila, an annualy-held international film festival in the Philippines, because of his role in The Love of Siam which was released last 2007, he caught the hearts of many Filipino girls and bekis because of his so romantic movie called, First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love). P'Shone, you're my dream guy!

This hot sensational Thai celebrity is set to arrive in the Philippines this October to shoot the Penshoppe campaign with renowned Hollywood photographer, Darren Tieste. I guess we'd soon expect a Maurer invasion on almost every magazines and in billboards along EDSA. This will definitely make me want to go somewhere which will pass by EDSA. Westwick and Maurer, please fill up EDSA with your gorgeousness?

Of course, fans are never forgotten as Penshoppe organizes  a meet and greet with Mario Maurer which will be held on October 28, 2011 (Friday) 1PM at the PICC Plenary Hall in Manila  (gates open at 11AM). The Fan Conference will be hosted by another hotness Thai Celebrity, none other than VJ Utt and there would also be a live performance by pop Asian girl group Blush (the group who sang UNDIVIDED ft. Snoop Dog). This event is co-presented by official media partner, ABS-CBN.

Want to get a pass on the Fan Conference of the year? Complete a stamp card promo available at Penshoppe boutiques nationwide. Every P500 worth of purchase will give you one stamp and you must complete ten stamps to validate the fan conference card then exchange it to any Penshoppe outlet to get the final entry pass.


  1. Penshoppe lover ka talaga. I remember back in HS, i use to buy Penshoppe baby tees, wala lng pa cute lang and there towels too. Uso kasi before. I just hope that Penshoppe has plus size too like maldita and bench.

  2. yay! i love penshoppe when i was in HS.. i'm such a fan!

  3. @Sweethestia - I love Penshoppe; but yeah I'm hoping na they'd come up with plus sizes. Flipflops and shoes lang nabibili ko from them :P

    @Madison - Thanks! :)

    @Diane - They have affordable and cute tees. Winner! :P

    @Fashion CouSense - Thanks! Imma go check it out ;)

  4. Good luck on your stamp collection! :) I saw the Thai movie he was in, yup, he's a keeper! :)


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