Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Unexpected Payday Haul

I wasn't really expecting to buy this much because I was just supposed to buy the Nylon body puff; but hey, it's pay day and it's Watsons. What do you expect? LOL! Anyway, here are the stuff I bought at Watsons and how much they are:

Shawill 12 Color Cream Eyeshadow - PhP148.00

Shawill Pretty Color Eye Liner - PhP129.00

Glam Works Disposable Razor - PhP39.00

Wish Foot Blush - PhP39.00

Caronia Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner - PhP44.25

BT Minerals Camouflage Mineral Concealer with Mineral Powder - PhP397.00

Watsons Sakura Bella Bath & Body Travel Pack - PhP129.00 

Watsons Nylon Body Puff - PhP25.75

Total: PhP950.00

This is not much; but, again, I wasn't expecting to buy 98% of the stuff I bought. Will be making a review of the Shawill palette and hope you all had a great day.

Have you bought or tried any of these? Do comment below about your feedback or a link to your review about that specific product.

Till next blog post!

P.S. Congrats Shamcey Supsup! You're one rockin' beauty queen! ;)


  1. Oooh, someone went shopping! :P FOTD with the new eye shadow palette, please, pretty! :)

  2. yay shopping :D aw i dnt have a payday T3T
    i agree with pammy FOTD :D

  3. @Pammy and Amz - I will use 'em this Sat ;)

  4. how do you use the foot blush? curious.

  5. Hi gellie! the nivea face wash is Php75 for the small one and Php125 for the bigger one :)

    can't wait for payday this thursday!!! :)

  6. ang mura naman nung shawill cream shadows! can you do a review and swatches of it? tnx. :D

  7. Goodstuff! :) Does the scent of the Sakura Bella last? :)

  8. Awesome haul! Is the color liner liquid or gel-type?

    The palette is so cute! =))

  9. @Kingking - sa sole and all over the bottom part of the feet para sa blushing effect :)

    @Perpetrator - So mura! :D

    @Jenn - Yup,yup! Will do a review for those soon ;)

    @Nina - Haven't tried them pa eh. I would be giving it kasi to someone else :)

    @Jackie - It's liquid ;)

  10. Affordable yung palette neng. Mabili nga kapatid ko. Thanks bhe.. sa SM val ba ito?

  11. i want to see the swawil palette swatches! cute packaging!

  12. @Sweethestia - Yepyep! Tumpak! :D

    @Diane - Will be posting my swatches once I've used the palette na para tuloy review :)

    @Ria - Hoorah for Payday! You coming to the BDJ Rendezvous? :)

  13. hello there... WOW I was smiling to know Im not the only one that does a little Haul on pay day.... like almost paying myself for my hard work.... love your blog and all the info you have Following ya

    please check my blog follow me??? hope to see you there


  14. hi, would you know if there are other stores which sell btminerals? the 2 watsons branches i've checked only have the local brands (like careline, ever bilena etc) and they don't seem to have this :|

  15. @Lizbeth - It's at the side bar :)

    @Anonymous - Try SM Valenzuela, SM Marilao (Dept Store) or at MoA :)


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