Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Charming Giveaway WINNER

First of all I would like to thank everyone for patiently waiting for the announcement. I have been so busy these past few days with work, events and other stuff so I'm lucky to have some patient and nice followers out there. I've seen some of the followers of some bloggers who have been constantly bugging the bloggers about contest winners and I'm glad none of you guys are like that. I'm so lucky to have people like you hanging around my blog. Aww, cheesy much?

Anyway, I would also like to thank my beauty blogger friend, MissKatV, who owns the Tiny Pink Bow shop. She is one of my favorite beauty bloggers and she is totally awesome so I suggest you follow her. My favorite from her blog are her nail art tutorials. Learned most of my tricks in nail art from her.

So, as you've seen above, the winner is 57! Congrats #57 you are:

I will email and tweet you about this and me and MissKatV will get in touch with regard to your prize.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined. For my next giveaway, I might not do it via Random.Org. Instead, I'm going to think of a new way to spice things up. Hope you all enjoy my blog and its posts. Till next post!


  1. wow!thank you so much...cant wait to see those cute TINY PINK BOW Charm Bracelet(--,)

  2. congrats! :)

    join my Paisley Clothing giveaway! WIN shoes, bag and chocolates!!!

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