Friday, October 21, 2011

Bloggers at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

At the GMA Van
Hey everyone! I have been a bit busy and I know I still got lots to blog post about like my Tiny Pink Bow giveaway winner and other events. Need not to worry because I'm blogging them within the week. I have just been super busy with everything and this is one of them.

I, together with three of my awesome blogger friends will be featured at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho regarding our love for food tripping. You know how much me and my blogger friends love Il Mercanti so four of us were featured to do some food tripping and food reviewing at the place.

First stop was street food at the Quezon City Circle:

... And then off to Il Mericanti Food tripping afterwards:

The show will air this Saturday, October 22, 2011; 8:10PM at GMA 7. I hope you'll support us there.

Genn | Myrted | Eenah | Aubrey
Love,love these girls who were with me: Eenah, Myrted and Aubrey. Plus our ever so dearest manager (hehe) MissGennD. <3

Group Shot!

Myrted | Eenah | Genn | Aubrey | GELLEESH


  1. Winner , pang TV ka na din girl... Pa autograph!!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!! Congrats!! This will air tomorrow!!! Will watch you!! haha! So happy for you! <3

  3. Weee! I'm so happy for all of you, can't wait to see you on TV!

  4. wish i was with you guys.
    will be watching tom night. yay!

  5. you're all so pretty !

  6. I wasn't able to catch your feature! Will look for it on the net :)

  7. @Sweethestia - Waaah! XD

    @Nina - Thanks dear! :)

    @Kei - Thaaanks! Hope to see you again soon! IMY, dear! :)

    @Janine - Yey! :D

    @Micah - Sayang. Habol ka sana Il Mercanti. GennD was there :)

    @Tin - Yey! :D

    @Diane - Thanks! We were all nervous XD

    @Aya - Tomorrow pa siya ipapalabas <3

  8. Oh my gosh I just realized na Friday pa lang pala kahapon! Anyway... yeah, excited to see you girls on TV. Hehe :D

  9. Wooohooo! celebloggers na ang mga friendships! I forgot to get their Autograph~ See y'all soon!

  10. @Aya - Yey! :D

    @Genn - Wahahaha@ Celebloggers talaga... XD

  11. wow, lalong dumadami ang mga celebrity bloggers ah... :D

  12. Bongga ka Day! Mabuhay ka!

  13. Good for you. What a nice experience. Pa autograph naman,dyan!

  14. looks like u girls had so much fun :D

  15. Sayang I didn't know this.. >.< Will look for the episode though ;) Bf and I got to shoot for Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, but our clip was super short T__T

  16. Great :) did you get copies of the episode? just wondering. Hope you got a copy coz that was indeed an experience worth remembering :)

  17. Unfortunately!!!
    I haven't watched the show!
    With my travels, I've eaten to a lot of locations already..
    and as always, I take photos of them..
    but I never blogged one bit about food.
    I just don't know what to say..
    If I appreciate food, I do it with a burp! lol!
    but when I dont like it, you'll read it in my travel post..
    warning people ahead!
    hahaha! it doesn't happen much though because I'm generally agreeable with food. ;)

  18. Hey! I watched this episode! Nice one! Congrats!

  19. Ayus yun ah, busog na, may 15 minutes of fame pa. Congrats!!! :)

  20. yay di ko napanood. Congratulations anyway!

  21. I wasn't able to watch this! So cool for you girls to be featured in in that show! :D

  22. Wow celebritty!!! Congrats!!!! Galing naman...

  23. This is cool, too bad I wasn't able to watch. our blog is cute! :)

  24. sayang, i wasn't able to watch this. but congrats for being on TV


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