Friday, October 14, 2011

First Fashion Haul with Blogger Friends

Genn (MissGennD) | Gie (ThirdWorldFashion) | Gie's BF | GELLEESH
Hey guys! I went shopping awhile ago with MissGennD and ThirdWorldFashion. I've asked for Genn's help with regard to my expenses and also to stop me from buying too much makeup. As a beauty blogger, you know how much we always have this urge to buy that new makeup product we see at the Watsons counter or anywhere else. I have to stop. I've been spending too much money on makeup that I did not have any budget left for clothes, shoes and bags which I lack much.

After disclosing my prob to Genn, she rescued me and showed me where I can shop for shoes, clothes and bags for less; and boy did I really took advantage of that.

I bought three (3) pairs of pumps, one (1) candy satchel bag (I think that's what it's called. Am I right, Genn? Do correct me if I'm wrong. I still have a lot to learn), the top I need for our company's themed-party (which I won't be showing here because it's a surprise) and fabrics from Fabric Warehouse for the skirt Genn will be doing for me and a Plants Vs. Zombies earphones (LOL).

Meet my new shoes:

Meet my new bag:

How much are they? Define super affordable. I'm so glad I met my blogger friends. They've helped me with a lot of things and in different ways. This is definitely the best thing about blogging - Meeting new and REAL friends.


  1. Love the pumps! How affordable ba yan? :)

  2. I love everything about this haul!!! HIhihihi! Nakalusot ung earphones d kta napigilan binigla mo ako sa counter. Imma start working on your tutu this monday beb~

  3. Budget friendly items look for Miss Gen D. Tested ko na yan. Minsan ko na siyang naging konsensya. Great haul gellie. Let gen guide you.

  4. OMG. The third pair of shoes. I have the EXACT SAME ones and I wore them to the Jimmy Choo event the other day! :) Wait... how much did you get them for? I bought mine online eh. I'm going to be super pissed if you got them for cheaper. They're EXACTLY THE SAME. Gah!!!

    And where can I get PvZ earphones???

  5. love the first pair and your bag :) great buys

  6. @Aya - Super affordable!

    @Genn - I'm soooo excited! Let's go back ulit dun ah. :D

    @Sweethestia - Si Genn ang ating konsensya... hehe :P

    @Angel - Will DM you the price range. You need to join our next shopping trip! :)

    @Nadine - Thanks! :D

  7. OMG!!! I love all your pumps gellll!!! I lack in heeled shoes, 'coz I can't stand them... :))) Well, anyways I also want to invest more on shoes nowadays. DO TELL WHERE YOU BOUGHT!!!! I WANT!!! :D

  8. ohhh gellie i love your shoes!!!! super cute lahat!

  9. @Myrted - Join us in our shopping escapade nina Genn, we'll tell you where ;)

    @Phoebe - Nakaka overwhelm! XD

  10. I MISS U GUYS AGAD!!!!super bilis ng time ano?!?!we must go out soon AGAIN!!:)

  11. Ayy, I super love all your hauls! Ms. Genn proves to be the fashion diva, I've seen Jade's post during their 88 port's bazaar too! I'm in envy, the third shoe is something I want for myself too! I want, I need, I gotta have! Gellie, you have to tell me where you got them! DM please!!! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  12. Wow, gorgeous shoes,,,love the bag too. Great choices:)))

  13. So cool! The place where you shopped sounds intriguing. Wish I could go shopping with you guys, too. My wardrobe def. needs an overhaul, too. =))

  14. I'd be glad to help you all shop on a budget~ Let's have a shopping meet soon ladies! Super fun yun I bet!

    @Gellie I'm so happy to be a part of your first fashion haul! and the 2nd and 3rd pa! LOLS!

  15. @Gie - Shop ulit tayo after my next sweldings! :P

    @Mar - See you soon! Sama ka shop sa amin ;)

    @Qhule - Thanks! :)

    @Jackie - Go with us! Come on :)

    @Genn - Yey! You'd be there every time dapat! :)


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