Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IL Mercanti - Happy Food Trip!

Good vibes on a Friday night for me and some of my blogger friends as we were invited by the organizers of Il Mercanti in Metrowalk for some free food courtesy of our dear MissGennD. Admittedly, for someone who commutes, Metrowalk is kind of a not-so-visible enough place plus it's at the parking lot behind the bars in Metrowalk. It is like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered and opened.

The Il Mercanti is a food heaven for all those who loves food and enjoys food tripping. There's all kinds of food there from Korean to Japanese to your favorite street foods like humongous isaw and even Lechon from Cebu and some baked scallops. Yum.

With Ms. Connie Sison
We were able to meet and take a picture with one of the organizers of the event, Ms. Connie Sison, a journalist from GMA 7. She was a very nice and accommodating host, indeed. Aside from the free food tripping we've had, she also gave us an additional gift certificate so I was able to buy sushi, maki, kani salad and a cake from MedChef by Chef Hasset Go to take home.

IMAGE SOURCE: ayanagrace.blogspot.com -- Rache (http://fashionisarchitect.blogspot.com) | Tin (http://ohhthat.blogspot.com) | Jen (http://shopgirljen.blogspot.com) | Genn (http://missgennd.blogspot.com) | Tiffie (http://tiffiefum.blogspot.com) | Aya (http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com) | Angel (http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com) | Kai (http://kaisensei.blogspot.com) | Kei (http://www.keisanpablo.com) | ME (http://www.gelleesh.com)
Tiffie (http://tiffiefum.blogspot.com) | Aya (http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com) | Genn (http://missgennd.blogspot.com) | Kei (http://www.keisanpablo.com) | Angel (http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com)

Genn (http://missgend.blogspot.com) | Tiffie (http://tiffiefum.blogspot.com) | Kai (http://kaisensei.blogspot.com)
Although the venue was not commuter-friendly; fret not when it rains for the whole place is tented (is there such a word? LOL) and it's very condusive to dining. They have maintained the cleanliness of the place and that's two thumbs up for me. Only, please do something about the parking space. We don't want Tiffie forgetting where she parked her ride again, eh? LOL

Great food with great friends. Amazing Friday night indeed.

Il Mercanti is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 7:00pm - 6:00am


  1. Hahaha special mention si Tiffie ah :D

  2. @Aya - Hindi ko kasi makalimutan yung search natin where she parked kasi. Hahaha! :D

  3. Nagparking hopping yata kayo eh... tpos nakita pa namin kayo umikot sa likod. Super funny! Let's do this again~ <3

  4. Haha Benta sakin yung kay Tiffy! =) It was super fun and *bitin*, next time ulet! Dami ko food na di nakita, buti may mga pics kayo.

    Gellie - my blog url is http://keislifestylecloset.com =)

  5. @Genn - Hahaha! That was part of the amazing experience. Parking hopping LOL

    @Kei - Oh, noted! Will revise your url :)

  6. ginutom ako ah. what a great event! :-)

  7. aww ang lapit lang sa work ko nito!! ^^, Great post Gellie! ^^,

  8. Haaayyyy,,, I wish I could join you all, looks like you had such a fab bonding together! Good food, great company = FUN! I can't wait to graduate soon, I'm sure to be able to spend more time with you all! Thanks for sharing Gellie! - Mar
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  9. Would love to check this out soon. You all look great!

    BTW, I gave you an award!


  10. @Phoebe - Super busog sa food! :D

    @Photoescape - Thaaaanks! Join us next time :)

    @Mar - The sched's up there; whenever you're free just tweet us and we'll be there if we're free din. Hope to see you again soon! :)

    @Jackie - Thanks Jackie! :)

  11. Great photos! :) Wow all of this food! Miam :D


  12. great photos dear!! the foods you mentioned sounds very yummy!! xx

  13. This was a really nice event.. :D I want to experience a free food trip too in the near future.. haha.. ^^ I haven't been to Il Mercanti yet, but I'll make sure to try and drop by some time soon.

  14. the food looks great, and kahit hindi sya easily accessible basta pagkain, gora na kami ng bestfriend ko. we both like to eat, i eat because i love eating pero my friend loves to savor the taste of each food and name it's ingredients. adik lang heheheh.

  15. You guys look like you all had a fun experience! ...and fulfilling too ;P I want to have a grand food trip like this soon. Hopefully, free as well. hehe.

  16. I have always wanted to go to places like this one, but it was just way too far from our place! :( By the way, I love the color of your lips!

  17. Nice share! You gals seems to have super fun. :)

  18. ANother food market we havn't been to. I sure hope we get to visit there.


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