Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cutex Basic Natural Nail Polish

"Ang ganda ng cutics mo!"

Actually, it's Cutex and not Cutics. Cutex has been a house hold name here in the Philippines for nail polish just like how a lot of us call it Xerox instead of Photo Copy. When I saw the Cutex brand at Watsons SM Valenzuela, I immediately felt the need to buy one since I haven't tried a Cutex brand ever but have heard of it many times.

"One coat before polish to smoothen and strengthen the nail surface. Two coats for illuminating glossy finish."

The shade I bought is called Apricot and this is how it looks like when used as a nail polish alone with two coats:

Afterwards, I tried the  NYX Nail Polish in Baby Pink Glitter and then topped it with the Cutex Basic Natural Nail Polish and this is how it looks:

The Good Bits:

The packaging is very chic, stylish and professional looking. Definitely a must-have for nail polish enthusiasts. The apricot shade, when used solely,gave my nails a nice pinkish natural and clean look. Another plus for this nail polish is the fact that it also doubles as a base coat which will protect your nails from the chemicals used in the nail polish which might damage your nails. We all know that a base coat is important when applying nail polishes. I also like the glossy effect it have my nails when I used it as a top coat for my NYX Nail Polish in Baby Pink Glitter. It doesn't chip easily and it dries fast especially when you use a Caronia Kwik Dry. For only P99.75 you can get a nail polish+base coat+top coat. Definitely worth it.

The Bad Bits:

I didn't know that this nail polish was not opaque. I guess I must have misunderstood the Basic Natural tag plus I didn't read the back label so it's totally my fault. Some people might not like transparent nail polishes; but for a certain purpose or look on your nails you are trying to create, this will serve its purpose.


The Cutex brand has been trusted for years and I would definitely want to try the other shades especially from their frosted nail polish collection and also the nail care products they offer. This, however, gets a 9/10 rating for me.

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