Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to Apply Your Liquid Foundation

Before you go on applying those blushes, eye makeup and all those other stuff, one of the first things we do is to apply our foundation. The most commonly and easiest foundation to use is the liquid one. We have to admit that we do have different ways on how we apply our liquid foundation. So, for this blog post, I will share to you guys the tools I've used and how I have applied my liquid foundation. Shall we start?


My fingers were my first tools. For starters, you just need clean fingers/ hands and you're good to go and no need to for those expensive tools. Our fingers are super versatile. So what I do is I put some liquid foundation on my fingers and then I dot it initially on the parts which I think needs more coverage; like on my under eyes and wherever I have a blemish. After doing that, I blend it outwards from the center of my face softly going out until I get the coverage I want. It's an easy and definitely the cheapest way of applying your liquid foundation.


When I figured that using my fingers were a bit messy for me, I had to find an alternative and a cheap one, still. I found these sponges from Marionnaud and they only cost less than a hundred peso plus you get two in one pack, great deal. So what I do here is to apply the liquid foundation at the back of my hand and then I will dab the sponge on to the product on my hand and just apply it onto my face while directly blending it as well. You can use the back of your hand as some kind of like a palette so that's how it goes. The problems I've had with the sponge are (1) Not all your product will be put on your face as the sponge would be able to absorb some of them and (2) You'd have to, eventually, replace this as soon as it gets too dark. I tried washing it but it doesn't really give back the initial stiffness and performance it had given me.

Foundation Brush

After I've realized how a lot of the product would be wasted when I use the sponge, I immediately sought after the help of the next available option which won't cost me much, still. I bought the Marionnaud N33 Foundation brush and based on its label, it really is made for foundation. I saw a Youtube Beauty Blogger using a Foundation Brush and since it's more or less 200 pesos, why not give it a try. What I did was, again, apply the product at the back of my hand and dip the foundation brush there and apply it on my face, first, and then blend it afterwards. I'm kind of having a hard time blending because as time goes by, the brush became packed and then they would all bend the same direction. The ending would be using my fingers. This was a total failure. So, I need a new one; and this time I should never go wrong.

Dual Fiber Brush / Stippling Brush

Anly, a friend of mine, is the owner of the online shop Colorful Indulgence and she re-sells the Charm Pro Brushes which is originally sold by her beauty blogger cousin, Sophie of Beautynomics. For everyone's information, I am a super "kuripot" person; and though I may have always spend too much on makeup it's because I buy affordable local makeup and buy a lot so I think I'm able to save through that. This is the most expensive brush I have bought and I was not disappointed. This brush costs around 700-800 pesos and it's definitely worth every penny. Ever since I bought it, I've used it every time I'm applying my foundation. At first it was quite hard to use it when blending; but I learned eventually and it did give me the coverage I wanted and surely, no product was wasted. What I do is, again, apply the liquid foundation at the back of my hand, dip the stippling brush on the product and then stipple the product all over my face. After stippling it on the necessary areas, I, then blend it until I get the desired coverage.

So far, the stippling brush is the best way for me to apply liquid foundation. I know there are other ways on how you can apply your liquid foundation; but these are the ones I've tried and I just want to share with you how they worked on me. My blogger friend, Codename Aya, uses a Sigma F80 which is a buffer brush. According to her, it helps her spread the liquid foundation more evenly and effortlessly. If you want to know more on how she does her foundation, you can go ahead and give her a tweet: @CodenameAYA.

Hope my entry helps some of you who are still searching for the perfect way  to apply liquid foundation. If you are satisfied with how you do yours, do share your tip for everyone else to read at the comments section below. Would love to hear your thoughts and your liquid foundation routine.

Till next post! :)


  1. Good job dear. Thanks for the tips! :D

  2. i'll try this out! im not a big fan of liquid foundation because i dont know how to properly apply it. but i'll try this for sure.

  3. @Sadie - Thanks! :)

    @Pink Magaline - No prob! :)

    @Phoebe - Liquid Foundations are my fave. Will try mineral foundation next :)

  4. We have same foundie brush! Marinnaud FTW! Miss you <3

  5. that is the right way to approach makeup application - try until you get what works for you. i haven't tried using my fingers though as i already know it'll be messy and i don't want that. for liquid foundation, my fave applicator is a stippling brush too. for loose powder kinds, i love the flat top kabuki.

    thanks for sharing your foundation application techniques!

  6. @AteeNadj - But I had to dispose mine kasi it's not looking good na. Hehe.

    @MereMakeupManiac - Same here! I use a flat top kabuki brush for my powder! :D

  7. My gosh... Thanks gellie ü every Filipina deserves to be beautiful :)

  8. I use my fingers and stippling brush. But I still consider my fingers as the best tool. :P


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