Friday, November 04, 2011

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

I've had dry lips problem that is why I've had second thoughts in buying a matte lipstick. But when Ever Bilena had a 50% off on all products during the Phil-Cosmetics Expo, I just couldn't resist. Why not give it a try, right?

Because I'm still in the trying out phase, I bought only one shade which is the Toast of New York. It's in the shade of red but not Ruby Red-like. More of in the Burgundy family as per my observation. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

The Good Bits:

I was scared that it may dry up my lips and have the chapping problem again but it didn't. What might stopped my lips from drying up is the Human Nature Lip Balm I applied before I glided the lipstick on. It's kind of a tradition to use lip balm before applying lipstick. The shade suited me so I pretty much loved the color. I love the matte-looking packaging. Not only is it matte on the inside but also on the outside. For people who wants to see a swatch, the color is at the bottom so no need to open the lipstick itself. It can last for up to 8 hours or at least that is how long I've tried it.

The Bad Bits:

It doesn't glide on smoothly on the lips and this has something to do with this lipstick being a matte one. Another thing I didn't like is that  because it's too hard, the color doesn't stick fast on your lips. I had to swipe and glide it over and over again on my lips to achieve the supposed color.


I did not fell in love with the lipstick but I like it. I would be interested to try the other shades for this matte lipstick. I believ this is a good matte lipstick for first time matte lipstick users for me. Had a good experience. As for the price, I got it for only P73 because I bought it at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo for 50% off; therefore its regular price is P146. Not bad, huh? I will giving this a rating of 7/10.


  1. I'd like to try the Skin, Mauvey, and Offbeat Pink ones! Nice fair review Gellie! :D

  2. I absolutely love EBs matte lipstick :) Yup, you should try other shades, you're sure to find the ONE. :P

  3. I like their matte lipsticks. I have 5 shades and my fave are Pink Flame and Mirrored Mocha :D

  4. I like them too :D !!!
    My favortie is Red and Pink. But I have only 2.
    my dad bought it for me :)

  5. EB lover here. Ok talaga matte lipsticks nila

  6. soon will try their matte lippy. love the color :)

  7. @Janine - Thaaanks! :)

    @Mica - I though matte lipsticks will completely dry up my lips this one didn't :)

    @Aya - Pink Flame, sounds interesting... :)

    @Nicky - Ooooh! I hope my dad buys me makeup din... :P

    @Sweethestia - Now I know! :D

    @Nadine - They're lovely talaga :)


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