Monday, September 05, 2011

Phil-Cosmetics Expo Haul

This is my separate post for my haul during the 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo. I have an allotted budget for this expo because I want to practice myself to spend not more than what I have allotted. I did not bring any extra money so that I won't be tempted to buy more. That is also the reason why I was very thorough with checking which item I should be buying. I do not want to make any mistakes. If I had to go back to a booth and back to the previous again to compare prices (even if they are in both ends of the area) I will and I really did.

Let's start of with my Ever Bilena / Careline haul. As I have said from my previous post, they had 50% discount off on all their products so here's the stuffs I bought:

Careline Face Powder - P50

Ever Bilena  Color Pencil - P44 each

Ever Bilena Pro Lips with Shimmer - P63 each

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick - P73

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush - P75

Digital Traincase, one of the trusted online shops of the bloggers, was also there and as I already have access to US branded makeups like NYX and EOS, I did not buy much from them. What I did buy are the nail polishes because my US Beauty and Fashion Blogger friend, Fashiometics, cannot ship nail polishes because they're flammable. So here are the nail polishes I bought:

NYX Nail Polish - P150 each (Promo: Buy 2 get 1)

For Kairyu Nails, I'm so glad that I got to talk with the talented owner, Kate Vergara, and she was able to teach me a few tips in doing nail art. Hope to see her again soon. Here are the stuffs I bought from her nail store:

2-Way Nail Art - P100

Nail Decal - P50

Thin brush - P100

Swatching Nails - P50

I passed by a booth selling Bobbi / Chic Nail Care stuffs and they also have this very inexpensive lip scrub which is made from natural ingredients. So, I bought it:

Go Natural Lip Sugar Scrub - P42

I also got a free Facial Pass from the Mary Kay Cosmetics Booth. Their beauty consultants are so nice and friendly. They won't force you in buying anything; unlike the booth beside them. (Ehem):

Here are the samples I got from the Cosmetics Expo:

I also bought some stuffs from Penshoppe for a Get Up access and a 2 stamps for the Fan Conference Card. I bought dad a shirt and I bought these two foot wears:

Penshoppe Flipflops - P279

Penshoppe Sandals - P499

I had a great time at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo. I was superbly overwhelmed with the stuffs I saw there. I hope to see more shops next year and do share at the comments section below if we bought some similar stuffs from the expo.

Till next post! ;)


  1. Nakuha din ako ng free stuff na mga soap. I wanna try sana kaso baka diko mahiyang.

  2. wow 50% off for eb items.. great buys sis

  3. I didn't enjoy the expo maybe because I expected too much. But I agree with you on the Mary Kay people!:) they're so friendly and charming! Their smiles are contagious.:) I love them! I love your post.:)

  4. It's quite annoying that you always say "stuffS". The plural form of stuff is also stuff FYI.

  5. Thanks for sharing Gellie~ The people at Lory's are nice as well. They are going to deliver my tubs here at home they ran out at the booth that's why. I hope to see u soon!

  6. I wonder which company is beside Mary Kay's. :D

    Looks like you had fun haulin' there. :)

  7. @Sweethestia - Imma go try 'em and tell you if ok sa akin. Pero I don't think I'm buying those kind of soap eh :P

    @Belle - I was super shocked sa 50% off! :D

    @Sam - True, parang kahit hindi ko kailangan I wanna buy na rin talaga kasi they really entertain everyone :)

    @Anonymous - Thanks for that; people make mistakes sa grammar esp ako when I get too excited with my posts so instead of adding up na it's annoying, you could have just corrected me in a nice way or if hindi, don't be ANONYMOUS :) If you'll see my other posts, madami ding typo na recently ko lang nakikita. Anyway, thanks for that Anonymous. If you're annoyed, feel free to click the X button there. ^^ Thanks! :)

    @Genn- Lory's loyalist ka talaga! See you soon! :D

    @Pammy - Company's initials are VJ ;)

  8. Super! Plus they're too generous to give free GCs kahit d ka bumili.:) Nakakagulat how happy and bubbly they were.:)) it's my first time to be in an expo kasi. Gunshow lang pinupuntahan ko because of our company pero walang ganun ka-bubbly! LOL I love Mary Kay na tuloy!:)) BTW, I kniw the booth beside Mary Kay. Super kulit!:) they'll block you kung saan ka pupunta! HAHAHA tapos while stopping you nageexplain sila, nakasimangot naman.

  9. @Sam - You know that company beside Mary Kay hires people in a very deceptive manner pa kaya ganyan ka irate and ka aggressive sales person nila. hehe. :P

  10. tama super nice nga un sa mary kay!!sa sobrng nice binigyan ako ng book ni mary kay!!hahaha..ewan ko kng ako lng..pero she gave me her number and wants to keep in touch w/ me..gsto daw nya mlmn reaction ko after.:))

  11. gellie!!I WANT UN LIP SCRUB!!!WAHHHH!!!!!ndi ko nkta!:) and i like the shade nun matte wat shade un??:) buti ka pa 50..nun ako 10 at 25 percent off lng!:((

  12. Love the stuff you got!!!!!!! Esp the lippies and the polishes :)

  13. Hello perfect anon. Nice to meet you. Lol:))

  14. @Gie - Bongga may book pang kasama! Punta ka sa facial chenes nila? Toast of New York yung shade ng matte na nabili ko. Oh and the lip scrub, it's the same booth na nagsesell ng bobbi and chic nail polishes :)

    @Aya - Yan din favorite ko sa mga binili ko :D

    @Kat - Now you met my Anonymous, hehe :D

  15. sweet, you're so lucky to have a dad... i don't have a father to buy pasalubong anymore.

    it's either you ignore or thank your haters. nobody's perfect naman...

    if you have a Japanese friend, ask him/her about the way they use the word stuff/s in Japan, you'll be surprised:) smile woman!

  16. super dami mo nabili sis! hahaha! good job! :D

  17. LOL at Anonymous. :P

    Nice loot! Wah I wanna go and meet Mario too. Ang expensive naman nya kasi... *sob*

  18. @Wickermoss - Agree with what you said. Yup, nobody's perfect. Thanks a lot! :D

    @Amz88 - Thanks! I was satisfied with my haul :D

    @Eenah - Sana wag muna magkaroon next bazaar kasi ayoko pang gumastos ulit. Hehe. Pero I enjoyed buying these things at the expo ;)

    @Janinay - Haha! Ang mahal nga ni Mario Maurer; pero I might not be able to see him. I lost 2 receipts and the store doesn't issue another one. So, bahala na si Batman. :P

  19. haha..ndi ako dumidikit sa bobbie booth nttkot ako..:)) yeeeeeep!!haha..4 nkha ko..pde ba gamitin un??every month ??:))never pa ako nagpafacial!:))


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