Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Island Basics Lavender & Tea Tree Makeup Remover

Lately, I have been using an oil based makeup remover which also has other purposes. This was the Human Nature Sunflower Oil. I loved the product and it's inexpensive. However, when I found the Island Basics Lavender & Tea Tree Makeup Remover, I had a sudden change of heart.

The Island Basics Lavender & Tea Tree Makeup Remover is made with virgin coconut oil, essential oils of lavender, tea tree and witch hazel extract. What I put a few drops on my facial cotton pads and gently wipe the makeup off of my face.

The Good Bits:

Removing the makeup off of my face
First of all it's inexpensive. For only P100 you can get 50ml of the product. It comes in a very simple but elegant packaging. The fact that this product is organic just makes you want to buy this. As for its effectivity on being a makeup remover, I'm totally hands down. You just need a few drops of this product and you can remove your normal makeup. The scent is very calming and I love it. It has claims of moisturizing your skin afterwards, so definitely, it's a perfect makeup remover.

The Bad Bits:

I'm not a fan of squeezing the bottle slightly before having the product. I prefer it if I could just pump it since it would be easier that way; and though the scent doesn't bother me, as it even gives me a relaxing sensation, it may bother a few people because I know some who doesn't want their products scented or really very picky with the scent of the products they use.


TOP: Still have makeup on | BOTTOM: Makeup removed using the product
Asked if I would repurchase this product, I sure would! It's inexpensive, organic and works well on me. Why would I ever have second thoughts? I'm giving this product a rating of 9/10. Definitely worth every cent. If you want to see their products, you can check out:


  1. P90??? I'm gonna buy one after I finish my cold creams! Thanks for the review Gellie! :)

  2. @Aya - No prob! Super love this product! :D

  3. wow...I guess I should ne needing that :) thanks for sharing! you may want to check my blog too :)

  4. @Christeen - Every girl needs a good makeup remover :)

  5. followed your helpfull blog :) you can follow back by chance <3 see you arround!

  6. That's so cheap for a good makeup remover!!! I'm so gonna buy this.. :) Thank you so much for sharing.. ^^

  7. is it oily? seems like a good product! thanks for the review dear. :)

  8. @Sumi - No prob! :)

    @Sugar - It's oil-based but it doesn't leave your face na super oily. Moisturizing effect lang :)

  9. Hi! How about removing waterproof mascara? I'm really having a hard time removing Majolica Majorca's eh...haha :) Thanks for the review. :))

    Best Regards!
    Des of

  10. @Des - Actually this one has removed my waterproof mascara (rimmel) :)


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