Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn and a Mini-Haul

Hello everyone! This is not a review post but more of how was my day. I feel like talking about how my day was so forgive my being self-centered for awhile, please? Anyway, after work, I went to SM North The Block with a friend to watch Breaking Dawn. My friends know I am not a Twilight fan but I just wanted to watch this movie because my sister (not a Twilight fan either) have seen the movie and actually liked it. So why not give it a try.

Image Source: Shockya.com
I actually enjoyed the movie and every bit was exciting because I never read the book. I am not into shiny vampires and all. I am more of a Game Of Thrones kind of girl. I loved the transition of Bella from being this healthy emo-looking girl to this dying and superbly anorexic almost-vampire chic.Great job on the effects and makeup. Hands down.

After watching the movie, I happened to pass-by this Korean cosmetics shop, Nature Republic. The first thing I noticed from their shop are their nail polishes. Not because they're such head turners but because I need a new nail color in my collection. So I went in and purchased three of 'em. Each costs P65.00 only and you get a free pouch when you buy three.

Oh, I forgot, at the office I bought almost P700 worth of Island Basics products. One of which is this Lavender & Tea Tree Makeup Remover. I would be posting the review by tomorrow, perhaps. This specific product costs P90.00, I think. The other stuff I got are still at the office. They are gifts for some of my loved-ones so I cannot really show 'em off right now.

I pretty much had an awesome day. Forgot to pay the bills so Imma go pay 'em tomorrow and need to deposit some cash on my G-Cash for my Belle de Jour planner. I guess that's it for now. So, how was your Tuesday? Tell me all about it at the comments section below.

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  1. nice haul you got there! do review them, we eagerly await. (^_^)

    come to think of it, the packaging reminds me of Paul & Joe...


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