Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn and a Mini-Haul

Hello everyone! This is not a review post but more of how was my day. I feel like talking about how my day was so forgive my being self-centered for awhile, please? Anyway, after work, I went to SM North The Block with a friend to watch Breaking Dawn. My friends know I am not a Twilight fan but I just wanted to watch this movie because my sister (not a Twilight fan either) have seen the movie and actually liked it. So why not give it a try.

Image Source: Shockya.com
I actually enjoyed the movie and every bit was exciting because I never read the book. I am not into shiny vampires and all. I am more of a Game Of Thrones kind of girl. I loved the transition of Bella from being this healthy emo-looking girl to this dying and superbly anorexic almost-vampire chic.Great job on the effects and makeup. Hands down.

After watching the movie, I happened to pass-by this Korean cosmetics shop, Nature Republic. The first thing I noticed from their shop are their nail polishes. Not because they're such head turners but because I need a new nail color in my collection. So I went in and purchased three of 'em. Each costs P65.00 only and you get a free pouch when you buy three.

Oh, I forgot, at the office I bought almost P700 worth of Island Basics products. One of which is this Lavender & Tea Tree Makeup Remover. I would be posting the review by tomorrow, perhaps. This specific product costs P90.00, I think. The other stuff I got are still at the office. They are gifts for some of my loved-ones so I cannot really show 'em off right now.

I pretty much had an awesome day. Forgot to pay the bills so Imma go pay 'em tomorrow and need to deposit some cash on my G-Cash for my Belle de Jour planner. I guess that's it for now. So, how was your Tuesday? Tell me all about it at the comments section below.


  1. nice haul you got there! do review them, we eagerly await. (^_^)

    come to think of it, the packaging reminds me of Paul & Joe...


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