Monday, November 07, 2011

One Year Web Hosting Giveaway

Hello readers and blogger friends! Here's a "bonggang" giveaway to everyone. I will be giving away a one year starter hosting plan. Yes, that's one year for free! It's time to upgrade, guys! 

First of all, I want to thank everyone who reads and supports my blog. You're the very people who keeps this blog going and this one is for you. Yes, I'd be raffling this one but there is a twist as to how I'd  do this giveaway. Read the Mechanics:

1. You must be a Public GFC Follower of this blog (+1)
2. To get extra raffle entries do the following:

- Follow Gelleesh on Twitter: (+2)
- Tweet this giveaway with the link and mentioning @Gelleesh inviting people to join (+3)
- Like Gelleesh on Facebook: (+3)
- Post this as your Facebook Status and tag Gelleesh inviting people to join (+3)
- Blog about this giveaway with a link to this giveaway (+3)
- Post this giveaway on your blog's sidebar with a working link (+3)
- Answer this question: Why do you blog? Best answer will win (+5) Entries

3. Participants should only be PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS.
4. At the comments section below, write down your full name | GFC Name | Twitter Name (If applicable) | Facebook Name (If applicable) | email address | and links to the posts made. Then at the end, write the total number of raffle entries you got based on what you did.
5. I will check your entry if you got chosen via Random.Org. This will save more time. Meaning I won't check at the beginning; but if you won then I checked your entry and one seems to be a fake entry, all your chances of winning will be totally erased as all your raffle entries will be null and void even if only one of your entries is at fault. So be very careful.

Deadline for this giveaway will be until December 07, 2011 which is in time for my youngest sister's birthday. Yey! Hope you will enjoy this giveaway and please do join. Thanks for all the support, guys! I wouldn't be here without you.


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  2. Christopher Alexis Aragones Belison
    GFC Name: ChrisBelison
    Twitter Name: @ChrisBelison
    Facebook Name: Chris Belison
    E-mail Address:


    Twitter:!/ChrisBelison/status/133226931935121408 and!/ChrisBelison/status/133232875893043200


    Blog with a link on the side bar:


    I've always been into writing and literature and it sucks that I was forced to take up a science course since my family wanted me to get a degree in the field of science. Blogging is one of the ways I express myself. Blogging keeps my desire and passion for writing aflame and I believe that I can somehow make a difference with the things I write. I'm a writer in my own right and I'm not stopping until I get to fulfill my dream of becoming a "real" writer, but for now, a space on the world wide web will be my notebook and I'm hoping that everyone could get a glimpse of it.

    I did all "requirements", so that sums up to 23 Points! IF I get top marks for the best answer! Ha ha!

  3. bongga giveaway indeed! wish i could join. hahaha. keep it up! :)

  4. Melody Kay Carolino
    GFC: meki
    Twitter name: mkcarolino
    Total entries: 3

  5. GFC Name: Rhea Liza
    Twitter Name: @rheajaverne
    Facebook Name: Akosire Irallam
    E-mail Address:

    More power!

  6. Fria Joyce de los Santos
    GFC: Fringster (+1)
    Twitter: @fringster (+2)
    Facebook: Fria De Los Santos (+3)

    (Twitter)!/fringster (+3)
    (Facebook) (+3)
    (Chopstick Lady Blog entry) (+3)
    (Chopstick Lady Blog Sidebar) (+3)

    Why do you blog?

    I blog for one simple reason - Chopstick Lady is an EXTENSION OF MYSELF. (+5,hopefully)


    18 points - if I don't get the Best Answer award =(

    23 points - if I get the Best Answer trophy!

  7. Hi Gelleesh,

    Here are my Part 1 entries:
    1. Followed you publicly at GFC.
    2. Following you already in Twitter.
    3. Tweeted your contest!/ia_adam_lim/status/133679089021231105
    4. Liked Gelleesh in Facebook.

  8. 1. GCF username: Dash Estefani
    2. I have been following you on Twitter (Twitter handle: dashashash)
    3. Tweeted about this particular giveaway here:!/dashashash/status/133732832706170880
    4. Liked your FB page
    5. Posted a badge about this giveaway on my blog's sidebar:

    6. Why do I Blog?

    I share my passion for food and travel with my significant other. I have been inspired so much by my adventures with him that I have finally decided to chronicle every remarkable moment.

    Besides, writing, for me, is therapeutic. I find solace and repose in it after a hard day's work.

  9. full name: theresa montino
    GFC Name: theresa
    Twitter Name: @jayresa03
    Facebook Name: theresa montino
    email address:

    twitter link:!/jayresa03/status/134975864923361280
    facebook link:

    Why do I blog?

    Simple, I write to express and not to impress people. I like to share my thoughts to everyone and would love to receive positive and negative comments that I know will push me through more learning and encouragement to do what I want to do.. ;)

    17 points..if I got the top score.. :)

    kamsahamnida! ♥

  10. GFC: Mary Suzette Martizano
    Twitter name: @setmartizano
    FB name: Suzette Martizano
    FB post:
    Email address: zettegayao(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Blog with a link on the side bar:

    Why do I blog?

    Just for fun and i like extra entries of course :)

    18 points
    23 points if my answer was perfect. :)

  11. Full name: Ayana Grace Sison
    GFC name: Aya
    Twitter name: @CodenameAYA
    Facebook name: Ayana Grace Sison
    Email ad: codenameaya(at)gmail(dot)com

    Facebook post link:
    Tweet link:!/CodenameAYA/status/136729709076676608
    Blog sidebar post:

    Answer to the question:
    I created my first blog because I needed something to keep me together during my thesis months, which, by the way, was the most difficult and frustrating time of my college life. I needed an outlet - something that will keep me up and active. Now I have moved on from blogging about chemistry-related stuff to blogging about beauty. I blog because I have so many things to share with other people. It makes me happy knowing that I am able to help my readers even just through my blog posts. Some people think that I'm a bit anti-social at times because I'd rather go online and blog the whole day than go out and "have fun" but what they don't know is that there is fun in blogging, too! I have met a lot of new people through blogging and that alone, I think, is already a very good reason for me to keep on blogging.

    Total no. of entries: 15 (+5 sana :P)

  12. Full name: Alexandra Mari Leal
    GFC name: Alex Leal
    Twitter name: @iAMDLeal
    Facebook name: Alex Leal
    Email ad: alexandramarileal(at)gmail(dot)com

    Facebook post link:

    Tweet link:!/iAMDLeal/status/137116383648559104

  13. Name: France Navarro
    gfc: francenavarro23
    twitter: @francenavarro23
    FB Share Url:
    Tweet Url:!/francenavarro23/status/139007051463524354
    total entries: 11

    I blog because I want to discover new friendships who share the same interests with me. My passion for writing, beauty, health and helping others makes the long-hours of drafting blogging worth it. I'm very new to blogging but I'm not new to blog surfing. I want to try to be a benefit to others through this blog.

  14. Oh, here's my blog:

  15. GFC: Janine M.

    Twitter: janinegenious
    FB: Janine Monasterial
    Blog: I started blogging again because I was brokenhearted and is still in the process of healing. I was a personal blogger way back in high school (Friendster blog pa noon) and I switched to Blogger in 2007, alternating it with a Multiply journal when it was still popular. I use my blog as an outlet for my pent up emotions, whatever I can't say to someone, whatever I can't express or tell the people I love. Now, I still have that personal Blogger blog, but I have a new personal blog now. I've added beauty blogging to my belt because I'm fascinated by makeup and skin care products! I like trying them and sharing my thoughts on them. I hope I can inspire others to be their best through blogging. Best of all, I've met new friends! Errr, and yeah blogging sort of takes my mind off my heartache. I'll continue blogging even if I'm fully healed! :P

  16. jOINING! :)

    1. Followed GFC: abegail abundo
    2. FOLLOWING ON TWITTER: iamabegaila
    3. Tweeted:!/iamabegaila/status/140833784584077312
    4. Like on fb: abegail abundo
    5. Blogged:
    6. Posted in sidebar:
    7. Why do i blog? Answer: To share what i am thinkin. :)

    TOTAL: 22 Sana

  17. Hello I will join your contest later, my connection just keep on dc

  18. 1. air on GFC (+1)
    2. follow you on twitter!/airkulet (+2)
    3. I twit:!/airkulet/status/141115706170286081 (+3)
    4. Like u in FB (+3)
    5. share on FB (+3)
    6. My blog post: (+3)
    7. Live text link on my sidebar (+3)
    8. Answer are on my blog post (+5)
    total points of 23 points
    I am air of Fit and Fashion Mom contact me at contact me here

  19. Philioppine resisdent only .not international(sayang)? good luck sa lahat.

  20. Alex P. Flores
    GFC Name: Unknown
    Twitter Name: @AlexPFlores
    Facebook Name: Alex P. Flores
    E-mail Address:



    Blogger: Sensya na Out topic kasi sa site ko pero Support ako sa pakontest mo. Spread ko din siya sa ibang kakilala

    Bakit nga ba ako nag bloblog?

    bakit nga ba ako nag bloblog isa lang po ang masasabi ko. Simula ng nakapag abroad ako dito sa Qatar nais kong palawakin ang mga aking karanasan bilang isang OFW at ito ang paraan para makatulong ako at makapag bigay ng kaunting impormasyon sa kapwa nating OFW kaya po nabuo ng ang sulating BuhayOFW.

    Salamat po ng marami

  21. 1.followed you on twitter:blogandme
    2.twit about the give away on Twitter:!/Blogandme
    3.Liked your page: Tess Torrecampo Chancellor
    4.shared on fb:!/profile.php?id=1068321648
    5.Blog about the contest:
    6. a side bar contest badge with a working link :
    7.Followed you on GFC:tess

    Why do I blog?
    I blog about my life ,family and whatever comes into my mind.Blogging is my passion.It makes me feel connected to others by sharing my thoughts and absorbing others writing .I learned a lot through blogging and continue learning.


    GFC Name: Alexis Mendoza

    Twitter Name: @kimbamheo

    Facebook Name: Kim Bam Heo (Alexis Mendoza)

    E-mail Address: muchloveandrespect2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Liked on Facebook: Yes

    Facebook Post:

    Followed on Twitter: Yes



    I blog because it keeps me happy. Blogging about the things I like and the things that interests people makes me happy. I guess without blogging, my life would be pretty boring. It gives spice to my life!

    12 Entries (17 If I get best answer) ^^V

  23. GFC:Jackie

    Twitter: @teacherjia
    FB: Jacqueline Isabelle Albano
    FB Status:!/iheartmaddy/posts/246798978717186
    Sidebar: http://

    I blog because it's therapeutic. It lets me express myself, and share a part of myself to the world. I've always been shy and closed off in real life. It's one of the few places where I feel completely free to be as nerdy or geeky or shallow as I want to be without worrying about what others will think. The blogger communities are very supportive as well so through blogging and people's acceptance and friendliness,, I get to discover who I am and have the courage to show it in real life, too.

    Points: 17 (23 including best answer, lol)

    Thanks Gellie!

  24. It is my first time I visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles..

  25. Kristina Marie Letada
    GFC Name: kristina_168
    Twitter Name: iamteenuh
    Facebook Name: Kristina Marie Letada
    email address:

    Posted on FB:
    Total no. of entries: 20

    I blog because I want to share the events that I've come and share some ideas in where you can eat the best foods in our country. I love fashion, food and lifestyle. :)


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