Tuesday, November 01, 2011

OOTD: DIY Outfit

Happy All Saints' Day everyone! Have you been to the cemetery to visit your departed loved ones? Well, I have! And for this OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post, I am showing you guys what I wore.

I was quite surprised as to what I have thrown in to wearing today. This is kind of a semi-DIY outfit. The top was a black shirt I bought from SM Surplus and then I cut the top part to make it into an off-shoulder blouse. The belt for this outfit is thrifted and the skirt is actually a dress. I accidentally broke its strap so I transformed it into a skirt. For my flipflops, I wish you could see how cute it was. I bought it from Penshoppe and it has a Pin-Up girl design. The bag is my newest favorite. A Candy Satchel Bag I bought with my blogger friends, MissGennD and ThirdWorldFashion.

It was already dark when we went to the cemetery but it was a great bonding time with my cousins. We did those wax balls out of candles, had peanuts, pop beans, chips and some cheap pizza.LOL. How was your Halloween / All Saints or Souls' Day? Do share your experiences at the comments section below esp the spooky ones!

Till next post!


  1. that's I love being practical in every way. We don't need to have designers clothes but you need to be comfortable in what you wear.

  2. gel, kung nakita mo lang ung mga shirt ko na nagtransform into off shoulder haha! and ung mga diy ripped jeans! keep it up girl! mwah! next time i wanna see the bag! :))

  3. LOve the OOTD girl... i started doing this na kaso tamad mode ako mag post e.. hehehe..

    My holiday is not that good, have work e.

  4. nice outfit! I like it. You're really creative. :)

  5. @Corrine - True! :D

    @Jen - sureness~! I'm bringing it on our next meet up! :)

    @Sweethestia - Hehe. Nag-eenjoy ako sa OOTD. Aww,no holidays ba work mo? ):

    @Rebel Chic - Thanks! :)

  6. I do that too with my dresses! I make them my skirt. :) Hehe, and I also cut my shirts too! Haha, ganun tlga cgro kpag puma-fasyon! hehe...


  7. you look great, this outfit really suits you :)

  8. @Myrted - Haha! Puma-fasyon! :D

    @Sarah - Thanks! :D

  9. I love how you were able to make everything work out, you came up with a great outfit Gel! I love reworking my dress into a skirt as well! Happy All Saints Day as well! - Mar

  10. I love love the shirt babe! Ad the skirt! And ze VAG! Plus the pose!!! I am really really happy seeing your OoTD posts! Remember when you were asking us if we'd like to see outfit posts and I was super excited? This is it! Finally a few brave plus sized souls posting OoTDs! Congrats babe! Loves it!

  11. @Mar - Thanks! Hope to see you soon again! :)

    @Genn - Awww, thanks! And I will never forget that you're one of those people who encouraged me. Thanks babe! :)

  12. awww is that the pin up vintage slippers? noicey!:))


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