Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Island Basics Sun Shield

The rainy season's over and it has been pretty sunny these past few days. If we want to protect our skin from the harmful rays of mister sun, we better be equipped with the right stuff. The sun's rays will not only darken your skin but may give you skin diseases or worse, cancer; and I bet you've heard of the saying: "Prevention is better than cure."

True enough, there are tons of stuff coming out in the market having high SPF contents. And it is best if we could have something to use on our skin, especially on our face, that is safe and effective. The Island Basics Sun Shield is one of the most recent products I have been trying and what do I have to say to this?

The Good Bits:

Island Basics is known to produce organic and healthy products. Therefore, you can trust that this product is one of them. It contains SPF 30 and it can be applied even on your face. It is made in Virgin Coconut Oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil. It comes in a convenient tube which opens at the bottom so every product is very-well used. I've tried using it as a moisturizer to prep my skin for makeup and it works. It really moisturizes my skin giving me a fresh glow before I apply my makeup. It has a light herb-y scent. It doesn't bother me much, unlike the strong herb-y scent of my favorite Garnier Self-Heating Sauna Mask.

The Bad Bits:

I just hope that this comes in a smaller size so I can bring one anywhere.


(LEFT) Without the Island Basics Sun Shield | (RIGHT) With the Island Basics Sun Shield
I love this product and I'm asking my family to use this as well. It's organic and Philippine made. Definitely something you can and is worth trusting. I have been very picky with the products I try these past few days because I don't want it causing my face to have another break out. . That is why I'm giving this product a rating of 10/10You can buy this product at http://islandbasics.multiply.com for only P180.00. It's available in 100ml.


  1. This looks like such a great product, and sun blocks are a must for our tropical weather. Love the price range of this as well.

  2. @Mar - Plus it's organic so it's really good for our skin :)


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