Sunday, November 20, 2011

OOTD: Sunday Dress

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a bit inactive these past few days. I've been busy with work and now I'm down with a flu ): but I've been trying to, at least, post every other day so I guess I'm forgiven? :)

For this Sunday, I went to church then had a lunch out with the whole family because it was my grand mother's birthday tomorrow (Monday, November 20) and we won't have time to go out by then so we took advantage of this Sunday when the whole family is available.

Wired Headband from ANAGON :)
For this outfit, I wore an off-shoulder dress from Get Laud!; wired head band from Anagon; Black Pumps and white socks. This is a vintage-inspired/ Classic Sunday dress look which is perfect for the day. I love the vintage look and I'm trying to re-invent a vintage look every time. I was actually planning on re-creating a different era every time and I hope I can do it.

Anyway, I guess this is it for now. What era would you want me to re-create next time? Do tell me at the comments section below and also what you think about this look.

Till next post! :)


  1. Great dress, Gellie! I'd probably do the same with the hair and add a wedge sandals but your is great! I love it!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - Davidoff's Champion ENERGY - Knockout Giveaway! & Eight Weeks Of Christmas

  2. you did a great job in reinventing a vintage look. Nice dress. socks and pumps... that gave me inspiration :D


  3. that's such a cute outfit! i hope you feel better soon. :)

  4. You look extra cute! I love the retro vibe. parang rachel berry ang peg? :D

  5. @Mar - Would want to see how yours will turn out :)

    @Jean - Thanks! :)

    @Ava - Thanks! Hope to see u soon, Ava! :)

    @Sugar - Thanks! I need to get well soon :)

    @Jenn - Ohmy, Oo nga! Rachel Berry lang! XD

  6. Hi Gellie! Thanks for dropping on my blog. Yeah, I'm on an indefinite hiatus with online selling since I've been very busy lately. I also ventured na into blogging~ ^^ Glad to find you here!

    Anyway, love your whole outfit! I haven't tried wearing socks with pumps though, but I'll do this some time soon.. :) Thanks so much for the inspiration. Oh, I hope you're feeling better now. If not, get well soon sis! :)

    PS: I'd love to see you at Blogapalooza! I don't know anyone pa.. >.<

  7. pretty dress! i like how the colors pop with your turquoise strap :)

    btw join my giveaway if you have time!

  8. @Sumi - See you at the Blogapalooza! Will intro you to the other bloggers I know. Great to know you got into blogging na :)

    @Perpetrator - Thanks, dear. Joined your giveaway, btw :)

  9. I miss you so much beb! You know I support your OOTDs and been a fan ever since you were just planning on it. Lemme know when we can shop again! IMY!

  10. great dress.very vintage.
    love the white bobby socks with those shoes.I still wear white
    anklets and black shoes with a dress to church.would love to see you in a 50's style look


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